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  **THIRDUNIT****QUESTIONSTART**With a neat sketch explain the basic parts of a i! borin! achine**NE#TQUESTION**With a neat sketch explain the basic parts of a planer **NE#TQUESTION**Explain $ario%s &rillin! achines an& 'ork hol&in! &e$ices 'ith neat sketches **NE#TQUESTION**With a neat sketch explain the 'orkin! an& basic parts an& echanis s of a shaper(**NE#TQUESTION**With a neat sketch explain the basic parts of a slotter an& operations that can be &one**NE#TQUESTION**With neat sketches explain the operations perfor e& on &rillin! achine**ENDO)QUESTIONS****)OURTHUNIT****QUESTIONSTART**With neat sketches explain col% n an& knee tpe illin! achines(**NE#TQUESTION**With neat sketches explain the operations perfor e& on illin! achines**NE#TQUESTION**Explain the &ifferent tpes of bon&s %se& in !rin&in! 'heel( Also ention their erits an& &e erits( **NE#TQUESTION**What are nat%ral an& artificial abrasi$es+ Explain**NE#TQUESTION**With neat sketches explain the principle of ,%sh an& ,%ll broachin!(**NE#TQUESTION**Explain the etho&s of lappin! an& honin!( Explain the &ifferences an& a&$anta!es(**ENDO)QUESTIONS**  **)I)TH UNIT****QUESTIONSTART**Explain the principles of &esi!n of i!s an& fixt%res(**NE#TQUESTION**With neat sketches explain $ario%s s%pportin! &e$ices**NE#TQUESTION**-lassif an& explain an . Non Tra&itional /achinin! /etho&s 'ith neat sketches**NE#TQUESTION**-lassif an& explain briefl abo%t /%lti Spin&le hea&s **ENDO)QUESTIONS****-O//ON THIRD0 )OURTH * )I)TH****QUESTION START**a(What is the &ifference bet'een slee$e an& socket %se& in &rillin! achine+ b(-lassif the etho&s of in&exin!+c(Write the specifications of slottin! achine+&(Define honin! process+e(Define i! an& classif the i!s+**NE#TQUESTION**a(Write the achinin! ti e for &rillin! operation( b(What is tr%in! an& &ressin! of !rin&in! 'heel+c(Define si ple in&exin! principle+&(Define lappin! process+e(Define i!s an& fixt%res+**NE#TQUESTION**a(Define borin!0 co%nter borin! an& rea in! operations( b(What are the aterials %se& for illin! c%tters+c(Write the specifications of $ertical illin! achine+&(Write an t'o &ifferences bet'een lappin!0 honin! an& !rin&in!+e(Define fixt%re an& classif the +**NE#TQUESTION**a(Define borin!0 co%nter borin! an& rea in! operations( b(-lassif the slottin! achine+c(What is the &ifference bet'een 'et an& &r !rin&in! process+&(What are the a&$anta!es of i!s an& fixt%res+  e(Write the illin! achine attach ents+**ENDO)QUESTIONS**
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