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business research methods
   2 Marks 1.   Define Ex-post facto research Researcher does not have the control over the variables. They describe only the nature and characteristics of variables. 2.   Explain the term of randomisation Randomisation provides opportunity for each element of population to be participated in the sample. 3.   What do you meant by hypothesis Hypothesis is a tentative theory/ assumption based on the experience of the researcher or experience of some other people which taken from the literature. 4.   Explain the necessary of hypothesis testing To prove or disprove the assumed relationship between the variables. 5.   What is research design ? Research design is the master plan of research. It includes, research type, method of data collection and sampling design. 6.   What do you meant by probability sampling? Probability sampling applied when the population is known or trying to estimate it based on the nature of study. This technique assumes that all the element of population have equal chance to participate in the sample. 7.   What do you meant by non-probability sampling? Non-probability sampling technique applied when the researcher not able to estimate the population infinite in nature. 8.   List down the primary type of measurement scales Nominal scale Ordinal scale Ratio scale Interval scale Here, nominal and ordinal scaling are non-parametric and ratio and interval scalings are parametric. 9.   What is plagiarism? Coping content tin the study. Numbers of software are available to detect the plagiarised content in the study Eg. Viper anti-plagiarism software. 10.   What is APA format/style? American psychological association. APA specifying the font size, face, and content of the report. 16 marks 1.   Explain in details about business research process Identification and definition of research problem Collection of review of literature Formulating the objectives and hypotheses of the study  Framing research design Collection of data Data preparation and analysis of data Findings and conclusion of the study 2.   Briefly describe the research design Research design including Research type Method of data collection Sampling design Nature of universe Sampling plan and frame Sample size determination Sampling technique Statistical tools to be used 3.   Describe the various types of research Descriptive Analytical Fundamental Applied Theoretical Qualitative Quantitative Exploratory Historical Longitudinal One-time 4.   Explain the various types of sampling techniques Probability sampling Simple random sampling Systematic sampling Stratified random sampling Sequential sampling Multistage sampling Area sampling Cluster sampling Non-probability sampling Deliberate Convenient Quota Snowball 5.   Explain the hypothesis testing process Identify the relationship between the variables explained in earlier research Again confirm the relationship with some other literatures Confirming the relationship and framing the hypothesis  Compare the desired relationship with tested relationship 6.   Narrate the various types of data analysis Uni-variate data analysis techniques Mean , median , mode , standard deviation , t-test and so on Bi-variate data analysis Correlation, Regression, ANOVA, Paired t-test, Z-test and so on Multivariate data analysis Exploratory factor analysis, Confirmatory factor analysis, Cluster analysis, MANOVA, MANACOVA, Logistic regression and so on 7.   List down and explain the contents in research proposal Introduction of the study Objectives Design Budget requirements Time requirements Expected outcome 8.   List down and explain the contents in research paper Abstract Keywords Introduction Problem definition Objectives of the study Research design Analysis and discussion Findings and conclusion References
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