2 Marking Period Jeopardy Questions used for benchmark review with buzzers.

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2nd Marking Period Jeopardy Questions used for benchmark review with buzzers. 1. What was the term used for men and women who agreed to work without pay for…
2nd Marking Period Jeopardy Questions used for benchmark review with buzzers. 1. What was the term used for men and women who agreed to work without pay for passage to the New World? 2. Which American Indians depended on the buffalo to survive? 3. The continental divided and the mountains with the highest elevation are located in which region of the United States? 4. Which region has mountains and Death Valley? 5. Which nation depended on fishing and trapping as a primary source of economic gain in N.A.? 6. What were people in the colonies called that were treated as property and had no rights? 7. What explorer started Quebec in Canada? Champlain: For what nation? France 8. The Great Lakes form a boundary between the U.S. and what nation? 9. PA, Plymouth, Jamestown, Ma Bay- Which settlement was not created for religious freedom? 10. Which Native Americans inhabited Alaska and northern Canada where temperature is freezing most of the year? 11. Which continent is the farthest south? 12. Which Native Americans used whale, seal, and bear to survive? 13. Which colonial section featured large plantations and slaves? 14. Which section featured a jagged coastline? 15. What do the Mississippi River and the Rio Grande River flow into? 16. Which two US rivers are major links to other parts of the world acting as trans- portation arteries to move farm and industrial products? 17. What action did England do to the colonist after the French and Indian War that made the colonist angry? Taxed them (or would not allow them to cross the Appalachian Mts.) 18. What is the name of the landmass that is two continents? 19. What job would most colonial women have? 20. The trading of European farm tools and weapons for beaver pelts and food is and example of what between the Native Americans and the Europeans? 21. What region boarders the Atlantic Ocean? 22. Which Indians were associated with New Mexico and Arizona? 23. How did the governor of an English colony become governor? 24. Who controlled the trade between the American colonies and other countries? 25. Which region stretches from eastern Canada to Alabama? 26. Which First Americans used the teepee to live in? 27. Who founded Quebec, and what nation did he sail for? Champlain, France 28. Which European nation explored the eastern part of what is now Canada and the Great Lakes? 29. Which Indians were located in the Pacific Northwest? 30. What nation’s economic gain came from trapping and fishing? 31. North Africa, East Africa, South Africa, West Africa- to what part of Africa did the powerful trading kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, And Songhai belong? 32. Which continent is directly south of North America? 33. Which continent did the explorers Cabot, LaSalle, and Coronado come from? 34. Which colonial section was most known for its diversity? 35. Which colony was settled by people searching for economic freedom and relief from debt? 36. Name the 3 powerful West African trading societies. 37. Carpenters, blacksmiths and silversmiths are all examples of people known as __________________? 38. What was known as the Lost Colony ? 39. Christianity, diseases, new technology, gold-- which of these was not brought by the Europeans to the First Americans? 40. Fishing, shipbuilding, skilled craftsmen, and shopkeepers made up a large part of which section? 41. Which section had hot, humid weather? 42. Which section had moderate summers and harsh winters? 43. Which section was most known for having slaves? 44. Which Native Americans lived in the Northeast woodland areas? 45. Which sections was religiously and culturally more diverse? 47. Which European nation was the first to start trading metals, cloth and other goods to the empires of West Africa? 48. What is the name of the trade between the colonies, England and Africa called? 49. Who won the French and Indian War? England 50. What was the last battle of the French and Indian War? 51. Which mountains are the oldest in North America? 52. What was the name of the Spanish explorer whose expedition founded the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River? 53. Jamestown is located in which section? 54. Plymouth is located in which section? 55. Philadelphia is located in which section? 56. Massachusetts Bay is located in which section? 57. Roanoke is located in which section? 58. Which Native Americans used the Longhouse and the Wigwam? 59. Which Native Americans lived along the Coastal Range? 60. Which Native Americans lived in the Canadian Shield region? 61. Which Native Americans had brick adobe homes? 62. Which body of water served as a highway for explorers, early settlers, and later immigrants to come to America? 63. What river that empties into the Pacific Ocean, was explored by Lewis and Clark? 64. What river forms the natural border with Mexico? 65. What river is known as the gateway to the west ? 66. What nation did John Cabot sail for? 67. Who claimed the Mississippi River Valley for France? 68. What is the famous archeological dig site in VA where they have found the remains of early Native Americans? 69. What is an example of a human resource? 70. What is an example of a capital resource? 71. What is an example of a natural resource? 72. What region is furthest east? 73. What region is furthest west? 74. What region is furthest south? 75. What is the oldest mountain range? 76. What is the highest mountain range? 77. What region is a horse shoe shape around Hudson Bay? 78. What region borders the Pacific Ocean? 79. What region contains the Continental Divide? 80. What region contains the Blue Ridge Mountains? 81. What is the lowest point in North America? 82. What region borders the Gulf of Mexico? 83. What region has prairies and dry grasslands? 84. What region was known for its fertile Valleys? 85. Many inland ports are located around these waters? 86. What region borders the Atlantic Ocean? 87. How many English colonies were in America? 88. What region has the oldest rock formations? 89. What region had gradual elevation rising to the Rocky Mountains? 90. What is the zero degree line of latitude called? 91. What is the zero degree line of longitude called? 92. NE, NW, SE, SW: which quadrant would North America be located in? 93. The Great Plains, Appalachian Mountains, Canadian Shield, Rocky Mountains: Which region would Virginia be a part of? 94. What direction would you travel to go from the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachian Mountains? 95. What body of water lies between east Africa and India?
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