2/7/17. Upcoming Events. Crank Up Your Youth Community Ac3on Teams: What s Working in Florida

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February 9, 2017 Thank you for joining our webinar today. We will begin momentarily. Crank Up Your Youth Community Ac3on Teams: What s Working in Florida Upcoming Events #ThisIsDV #TeenDVMonth (Social
February 9, 2017 Thank you for joining our webinar today. We will begin momentarily. Crank Up Your Youth Community Ac3on Teams: What s Working in Florida Upcoming Events #ThisIsDV #TeenDVMonth (Social Media Campaign) Follow on #ThisIsDV #TeenDVMonth Our Gender Revolu3on: Youth Leaders in Ac3on (Webinar) When: Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 2-3:30 pm Eastern/1-2:30pm Central/11-12:30pm Pacific Register: hmps://bwjp.ilinc.com/register/shvhyss Learn more: hmp://www.nrcdv.org/ta- training/ Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence Sunrise of Pasco Teen Dating Violence Statute School-wide enforcement and culture change. Starting GSAs, leadership clubs, and other groups. Getting peers involved. Standing up to abusive behavior Change in personal behavior and beliefs Signed into law by Governor Christ on June 7, 2010 (Chapter No. 217) Requires that teen dating violence and abuse be added to comprehensive health education curriculum for students in grades 7 through 12 in public schools Requires each district school board to adopt/implement a dating violence and abuse policy which must be integrated into each school district s discipline policies 2010 TDV Legislation in Florida 1 Curriculum Must include: Definition of dating violence and abuse Warning signs of dating violence and abusive behavior Characteristics of Healthy Relationships Measures to Prevent and stop dating violence and abuse Community Resources available to victims of dating violence and abuse 2010 TDV Legislation in Florida Policy Must: Be integrated into the schools discipline policies Define dating violence and abuse (address the health education curriculum component) Prohibit dating violence and abuse by any student on school property, during a school sponsored activity, or during school sponsored transportation Include procedures for responding to such incidents of dating violence or abuse including accommodations for students experiencing dating violence or abuse 2010 TDV Legislation in Florida 2 Word search toolkit website Sunrise Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center Prevention Program Terri O Brien Why Youth Action Teams? Youth engagement can lead to youth empowerment Youth have been leaders in every social change movement Create the conditions for youth leadership 3 Sunrise Youth Violence Prevention Initiatives School-based Vs. Community-based To date, we have developed four youth programs: 1. 5th grade 2. Middle School Club 3. Youth Community Action Team (YCAT) - High school 4. Summer Youth Leadership Institute (SYLI) High school Making the Case for Working in Schools - articles 1.) School-based Violence Prevention Programs A Resource Manual 2.) Nan D. Stein, Ed.D: : Gender Violence in Elementary and Secondary Schools : School Interventions, Not Zero Tolerance, Prevent Gender Violence Identified Schools q Work with feeder schools q Select a school community that has a higher than average poverty rate* as low income and economic stress have been identified as risk factors for intimate partner violence. * = % of students that qualify for free/reduced lunch 21 Sunrise Prevention Programming We collaborate with school personnel to develop and implement an age-appropriate, flexible prevention program that can be sustained and replicated throughout Pasco County, utilizing school personnel, community, and youth volunteers. The program utilizes active skill-based teaching methods with multiple sessions throughout the school year with the same group of students through middle school and on to high school. Sunrise Prevention Programming [ Groups include females and males age from multiple racial and ethnic groups as well as multiple cultural backgrounds. [ Ideally, content is constructed with input from students, teachers, staff, and family members to ensure that the programming provided is what will best serve the needs of the school community. [ Ideally, parent education will be included via dissemination of information through the PTA, school newsletters, school website, automated telephone communication system, etc. 4 SEM Teen Dating Violence Statute School-wide enforcement and culture change. Starting GSAs, leadership clubs, and other groups. Getting peers involved. Standing up to abusive behavior Change in personal behavior and beliefs Goals Individual Level Increase awareness of the root causes of IPV with youth ages Reduce the number of youth who enter into abusive dating relationships Develop leadership skills to increase willingness to engage in positive bystander behavior in situations of bullying, sexual harassment, gender stereotypes, and IPV Goals Relationship Level Engage youth to become actively involved in efforts to educate their peers on the root causes of IPV Increase family involvement and support of youth IPV prevention activities Increase school personnel s awareness of the importance of supporting IPV prevention activities in the school (Ex: join School Advisory Council) Goals Community Level Community support and connectedness Coordination of resources and services among community agencies (including educational institutions) Supporting community / social norms that do not tolerate relationship-based/gender-based violence Evaluating Youth Empowerment / Leadership 5 th Grade Leadership We started with an Elementary School where we already had a connection and it was student driven. 5 5 th Grade Violence Prevention Program Unit 1 - What is Violence, Defining Respect Unit 2 - Where Does Violence Come From Unit 3 Bullying Unit 4 Bystanders Unit 5 Stereotypes Unit 6 Gender Violence / Wrap-up The Unity Club Pledge I pledge to be non-violent to myself, my friends, my family, or anyone else. I will respect all people regardless of gender, race, or culture. I will stand up for others because we are all the same in our hearts! We will hang together and make this world a better place. 5 th Graders Comments This program can really help the community end violence. Thanks a lot for teaching me about bullying. I am a little more respectful. Dear Sunrise thank you guys so much for helping me. Before I was mean - I kind of am but not like I was before. So thank you very much. oxoxo. 5 th Graders Comments Thank you for showing me that everyone should be treated equally and I promise you that I will change my actions. What I liked the best was the skin color painting. You should do this with next years 5th graders because it really gives you a good attitude and you can calm down. Thank you for changing my attitude well you did a little bit. Middle School we focus on: 5 th Graders asked if there was a violence prevention club in Middle School... ü bullying ü sexual harassment ü role of the bystander ü media influence ü healthy dating relationships ü leadership skills ü developing and implementing violence prevention awareness campaigns. 6 Middle School Violence Prevention Club Pledge Pirates of Peace Club WE PLEDGE TO DO OUR BEST TO PREVENT VIOLENCE PREJUDICE DISCRIMINATION AND TO CREATE PEACE For continuity of messaging, all Clubs use same pledge but create their own Club name and brand. Since 2007 Cyclones Peace Zone Club Training Day Recognizing 8 th Graders 8 th graders wanted to continue their participation into High School. Again, the initiative was student driven and there were already existing relationships at the school. 7 Sunrise Prevention Plan YCAT Once the students reach the high school level, the focus then moves towards: Challenging gender stereotypes Fostering healthy dating relationships Developing leadership skills Developing and working with adult allies Educating their peers Educating their community YCAT Evolving Began as a school-based Club in 2009 that was initiaed by a student for her Senior Project Expanded to a 10-week summer program in June 2011 that included youth from multiple schools Sept developed a community-basedprogram, not affiliated with schools Creating Displays Compliment Campaign 8 Stepping Outside the Box Challenge Gender Stereotypes! Young Women & Men Working Together to End Domestic & Sexual Violence Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month Voices of Men - Ben Atherton Zeman Community Support: City of Dade City Proclamation 9 YCAT Meeting Sample Agenda Peace Day Day of Silence YCAT Comments YCAT has empowered me and provided me with knowledge to act as a catalyst of change for those in my life. The discussions happening with youth are essential for creating peaceful future generations. Lori, age 17 10 YCAT Self Evaluation Summer Youth Leadership Institute (SYLI) Summer Youth Leadership Institute Collaboration with: Sunrise Saint Leo University FCADV District School Board of Pasco County With support from local businesses Evaluating Youth Empowerment / Leadership SYLI Student Facilitators Inviting other centers 1 Minute Please Winners! Presenting their School Plan Parent & Community Involvement Graduation! 12 Involving Community Leaders Social Media WEDU Award Why evaluate? Two main questions to answer: 1.) Does it work? O Did the program change what you said it would change? O OUTCOME 2.) How does it work? O Is the program being implemented as planned? O PROCESS SYLI Evaluation Findings IniWal findings suggest that the SYLI has potenwal in improving leadership skills, empowerment skills with peers, and asserwveness skills for the prevenwon of violence in High School students. The use of peer co- facilitators may be a unique and helpful technique in improving all students skills and comfort levels. Youth suggested that in the future, the program uwlize more diverse adults and those not known to youth to create larger improvements in skills with adults. Why establish healthy youth-adult partnerships? Youth-targeted programs that involve youth in the program design, implementation, and evaluation stages are inclined toward increased relevancy and effectiveness and produce positive outcomes for programs. By involving youth, the program will be more in-touch with the unique characteristics of the target group and will more likely appeal to and speak to that population. 13 TDVAM Respect Week Next Steps Putting young people on our staff Identify funding for stipends for YCAT to work on projects Provide opportunities for planning and implementing an event and for speaking to peers and adult leaders Encourage critical reflection on current policies concerning bullying, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and dating violence Teens Helping Teens Rely on peers for advice and information If trapped in an abusive relationship, 73% of teens said they would turn to a friend for help (National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center) Supporting current and future leadership of prevention efforts How to Mobilize Youth How to Mobilize Youth sk elieve reate 14 Ask Believe What would you like to do? What are your interests? I m here to support and guide you vs. I have specific program for you to do What would you want the purpose to be? Set realistic short-term steps for long-term goal How do you think you can make a difference? Have faith Create Find your students method of creativity Brainstorm and incorporate as many ideas as possible Allow teens to inspire motivation in others Youth led organizations Write Ideas Here J You re so smart for fifteen! When are you going to grow up? Don t touch that, you ll break it! As long as you are in my house, you ll do it! You re being childish. You re so stupid (or clumsy, inconsiderate, etc.)! Go to your room! Don t ever yell at your mother like that! (yelling) She doesn t understand anything. (about a baby) You are too old for that! or You re not old enough! Oh, it s only puppy love. What do you know? You haven t experienced anything! It s just a stage. You ll outgrow it. Be an ally to youth Be honest about your mistakes Share power with youth Bring like-minded adults along Most importantly Relevance Language It s their world Modeling equality & respect Youth engagement Youth make our programs legit to other youth 15 Dedication to youth development and empowerment Youth involvement excites people! Convene local leadership to support the youth leadership efforts you will be implementing Train local leadership on adultism and the importance of engaging youth as leaders Have a plan and structure for how you will engage youth leaders. This will be specific to each community Staff working with youth should: Have mature judgment The ability to build trusting relationships Be respectful of youth See youth as partners in prevention Be creative Have the ability to think outside of the box Increasing their power vs. raising their self-esteem Be honest about power and oppression Talk about the historical contributions of youth Incorporate community outreach Focus Group Mini-grant Program Internship Youth Advisory Committee Youth Commission Paid Youth Organizers, Staff, Consultants Youth Members on Board of Directors Youth Committee works as Board Linked to Board Ideas for Activities: Traveling Murals Film making Creating and editing public service announcements Testifying to local law makers Ad reviews and letter writing campaigns Goal setting and planning 16 Ideas for Activities: Planning community events to engage others in prevention work Planning school wide events Starting school violence prevention clubs Changing school policies Campaigns to change social norms in schools and other youth focused agencies Ideas for Activities: Reading lists for teachers and librarians Fundraisers for the group Articles in school and local newspapers Work with other anti-oppression agencies Online campaigns, screen savers, digital storytelling Ideas for Activities: Community Mapping Brainstorming Storyboarding Connect with other youth leaders in Florida and across the country Coming up with their own ideas for projects! Have long-term thinking Think about recruitment Think about older and younger leaders Ongoing capacity building Identify best practices Identify organizational supports needed Incorporate evaluation components The Youth Activism Project Youth Leadership Institute SEARHC Institute s Developmental Assets assets/forty.htm Youth Action Research Center Alaska Teen Media Institute What Kids Can Do? Youth Participatory Evaluation By Kim Sabo Flores Maximum Youth Involvement By Wendy Schaetzel Lesko Youth! The 26% Solution Emanuel Tsourounis and Wendy Lesko Youth Impact: Youth Led Evaluation by Funder s Collaborative on Youth Organizing Promoting Youth Participation Action Kit for Municipal Leaders Other searchwords: youth leadership, participatory evaluation activities, youth and decision-making The NaWonal Resource Center on DomesWc Violence (www.nrcdv.org) provides a wide range of free, comprehensive, and individualized technical assistance, training, and specialized resource materials. You can access our publicawons online at VAWnet.org. Contact us: Online TA Request Form: 17
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