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IGCSE past papers
  This document consists of 7  printed pages and 1  blank page. DC (CW) 115003/3 © UCLES 2016 [Turn over Cambridge International Examinations Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education * 0 3 5 92 8 8 572* INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY   0417/31 Paper 3 Data Analysis and Website Authoring May/June 2016   2 hours 30 minutes Additional Materials: Candidate Source Files READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST Write your name, Centre number and candidate number in the spaces at the top of this page.Write in dark blue or black pen.Do not use staples, paper clips, glue or correction fluid.DO NOT  WRITE IN ANY BARCODES.Carry out all  instructions in each step. You can track your progress through the examination by crossing out each question number.Enter your name , Centre number and candidate number  on every printout before it is sent to the printer. Printouts with handwritten candidate details on will not  be marked.At the end of the examination put this  Question Paper and all your printouts into the Assessment Record Folder.If you have produced rough copies of printouts, put a neat cross through each one to indicate that it is not  the copy to be marked.The number of marks is given in brackets [ ] at the end of each question or part question.Write today’s date in the box below. The syllabus is approved for use in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as a Cambridge International Level 1/Level 2 Certificate.  2 0417/31/M/J/16 © UCLES 2016 Task 1 – Evidence Document ã Open the file 1631evidence.rtf ã Make sure your name, Centre number and candidate number will appear on every page of your Evidence Document by placing these details in the header.ã Save this Evidence Document, as a word processed document, in your work area as 1631evidence  followed by your candidate number. For example,1631evidence9999You will need your Evidence Document during the examination to enter answers to questions and to place your screenshots in when required. Task 2 – Web Page You are going to help some trainees develop web pages for The Manta Conservation Project. The first web page will be part of a website used to raise awareness of, and get donations for, conservation projects around the world. 1 ã Create a new folder called 1631_html2 ã Locate the following files and place them in your 1631_html folder. 1631flags.pdf1631img1.png1631img2.png1631img3.png1631img4.png1631img5.png1631img6.png1631img7.png1631logo.png1631maldives.htm1631manta.htm1631manta.jpg1631manta1.tif1631stylesheet.css  3 0417/31/M/J/16 © UCLES 2016 [Turn over3 A trainee has started to create a single stylesheet to be used with the website. The stylesheet was not finished and contains a number of errors. ã Open the stylesheet 1631stylesheet.css  in a suitable software package.   The web page and stylesheet must work in any browser. All colour codes are in hexadecimal. Make sure your stylesheet contains no html. The specifications for this stylesheet are:table Gridlines: All gridlines solid Internal gridlines 1 pixel thick External gridlines 2 pixels thick Borders: All borders collapsed Headers: No table header details specifiedh1 Colour: Red 33, Green 0, Blue 66 Font: Helvetica Neue , but if not available then Calibri , or if these fonts are not available, the browser’s default sans-serif font 36 points high Alignment centreh2 Colour: Blue 99, Red 33, Green 0 Font: Arial 18 points high Alignment rightp Colour: Red 0, Green 0, Blue 08 Font: the browser’s default sans-serif font 14 points high Alignment leftbody Background colour: Red 99, Green CC, Blue FF ã Correct and complete this stylesheet using the information above.   ã Save this stylesheet in your 1631_html  folder. Use the file name 1631st  followed by your candidate number. For example, if your candidate number is 9999 then you will call the file 1631st9999.css   [20] EVIDENCE 1 Take a screenshot showing the content of your stylesheet and place this in your Evidence Document. Make sure that the file name is clearly visible. 4 ã Analyse the stylesheet started by the trainee and evaluate its contents. [4] EVIDENCE 2 Type your evaluation into your Evidence Document using no more than 100 words.  4 0417/31/M/J/16 © UCLES 2016 5 ã Open the file 1631manta.htm  using a suitable software package. ã Attach the stylesheet saved in step 3 to this web page. [1] 6 ã Replace the text candidate name, Centre number, candidate number   with your name, Centre number and candidate number. [1] 7 ã Replace the text Place logo    here   with the image 1631logo.png  ã Make sure that appropriate text is displayed if this image is not available. [2] 8 ã Make the image 1631logo.png   a hyperlink to send an email message to tmcp@cie.org.uk   with a subject line Tell me more  [5] 9 ã Select the most appropriate images from those saved in Step 2 and use them to replace the following text:  °   Place flag of Fiji here °   Place flag of Honduras here °   Place flag of Indonesia here °   Place flag of Maldives here   You may use the file 1631flags.pdf  to help you. ã Resize each of these images to be 140 pixels wide, maintaining the aspect ratio. ã Save the web page. [3] EVIDENCE 3 Display the web page in your browser. Take screenshot evidence of the web page in the browser and place this in your Evidence Document. EVIDENCE 4 Take a copy of the HTML source and place this in your Evidence Document. The trainee has started to develop the Maldives page for this site. The image 1631manta1.tif has been supplied to them to be included on this page. 10 ã Examine the file 1631manta1.tif . Explain in your Evidence Document why this image is unsuitable for inclusion on the Maldives web page and what you could do to enable it to be used. [4] EVIDENCE 5 Type your explanation into your Evidence Document using no more than 100 words.
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