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O level 0417 summer 2015 question paper 32
  This document consists of 7  printed pages and 1  blank page. DC (KN) 101061/3 © UCLES 2015 [Turn over Cambridge International Examinations Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education *24 0 3 9 0 5 5 3 5* INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY   0417/32 Paper 3 Practical Test May/June 2015   2 hours 30 minutes Additional Materials: Candidate Source Files READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST Make sure that your Centre number , candidate number  and name  are written at the top of this page and are clearly visible on every printout, before it is sent to the printer. Printouts with handwritten information will not  be marked.DO NOT  WRITE IN ANY BARCODES.Carry out every  instruction in each step.Steps are numbered on the left hand side of the page. On the right hand side of the page for each step, you will find a box which you can tick (  ) when you have completed it; this will help you track your progress through the test.At the end of the exam put this  Question Paper and all  your printouts into the Assessment Record Folder.If you have produced rough copies of printouts, these should be neatly crossed through to indicate that they are not  the copy to be marked.  2 0417/32/M/J/15 © UCLES 2015 You work for Hothouse Design and will produce materials for the Tawara Wildlife Conservation Trust.  ✓ 1 Create a new folder called web_J1532 2 Locate and download the following files from the website http://www.hothouse-design.co.uk/twct  Place these in your web_J1532  folder:  j1532_1.jpg j1532_2.jpg j1532_3.jpg j1532_4.jpg j1532_5.jpg j1532_6.jpg j1532_7.jpg j1532_8.jpg j1532alligator.jpg j1532bg.jpg j1532donate.csv j1532evidence.rtf j1532gorilla.htm j1532style.css j1532style2.css3 Open the file j1532evidence.rtf  Make sure your name, Centre number and candidate number will appear on every page of this document.   Save this Evidence Document in your work area as j5evidence  followed by your candidate number. For example, j5evidence9999. You will need this file later.  3 0417/32/M/J/15 © UCLES 2015 [Turn over ✓ 4 Create a web page called j1532homepage.htm  This web page must work in all browsers and will have a table structure as shown below. Each table cell is identified with a letter and all dimensions are in pixels: A 650 × 80BC200 × 130D200 × 130E200 × 130F200 × 130250 × 600G200 × 130H200 × 130I200 × 130J200 × 130K 400 × 80L 650 × 80   The letters shown in the table must not  appear on your final web page. 5 In cell A, enter the text Tawara Wildlife Conservation Trust  Set this as style h1. 6 In cell K, enter the text Edited by  followed by your name, Centre number and candidate number. Set this as style h3. 7 In cell L, enter the text Click here for top of page  Set this as style h3. 8 Place an anchor before the table. Make only the text Click here   a hyperlink to this anchor. 9 In cell: ã C enter the text Dolphins  ã E enter the text Elephants  ã G enter the text Flamingos  ã I enter the text Gorillas  Set all this text as style h2. 10 In cell B, place the image j1532alligator.jpg    4 0417/32/M/J/15 © UCLES 2015 ✓ 11 Using the most appropriate image from j1532_1.jpg  to j1532_8.jpg , place in cell: ã D the image of a dolphin ã F the image of an elephant ã H the image of flamingos ã J the image of a gorilla. 12 Make sure each of the images placed in step 11 is 194  pixels wide by 124  pixels high. 13 Use the image of a gorilla placed in step 11 and the text Gorillas   to create hyperlinks to the page j1532gorilla.htm  which will open in a new window called _primates14 Make sure each image has an appropriate alternate text attribute. 15 Attach the stylesheet j1532style.css  to your web page. Save your web page. 16 Display the web page in your browser. In your Evidence Document replace the text Image 1  with screenshot(s) of the browser window. 17 In your Evidence Document replace the text html 1   here   with the html source.
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