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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL RFP 12 ( ) WAYFINDING CONSULTING SERVICES You are invited to submit a written proposal to provide professional consulting services for Wayfinding design at the Toronto Zoo. To
REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL RFP 12 ( ) WAYFINDING CONSULTING SERVICES You are invited to submit a written proposal to provide professional consulting services for Wayfinding design at the Toronto Zoo. To prepare your submission you must complete a thorough review of the existing Wayfinding signage system and existing layout, attractions,exhibits and amenities at the Zoo. In addition you must consider the future development of the Toronto Zoo based on the Strategic Plan and the Capital Master Plan considering the long term goals and objectives. Our present objective is to better assist our visitors to navigate our site with ease and allow them the option to create their desired route as they go. All proponents are expected to review the content of the RFP carefully to ensure all costs, resources and services are included to deliver the proposed project. The Proposal package includes Instructions, Background, Project Description, Proposal requirements, and Forms. Quoted prices shall remain in effect for a period of ninety (90) days from the Proposal due date. Site Visit: Due Date: A self guided site visit will take place on Monday at 9:00 a.m. at the Toronto Zoo, Administrative Support Centre, 361A Old Finch Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M1B 5K7. Sign in at the Reception office. Provide four (4) copies of your proposal, one (1) unbound signed and clearly marked as ORIGINAL and three (3) copies of the original proposal clearly marked as COPY and one (1) electronic copy (Microsoft Word or PDF) on a CD or flash drive in a sealed package or envelope. The original and all copies should be identical (excluding any obvious differences in labelling as noted above). Proposal to be delivered to the office of Purchasing & Supply, Toronto Zoo, Administrative Support Centre, 361A Old Finch Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M1B 5K7 by: Date: Friday, Time: 1200 hours (noon) local time The Board of Management of the Toronto Zoo reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, or to accept any proposal, should it deem such an action to be in its interests. For any questions concerning the contract terms and conditions of this RFP, please contact, Peter Vasilopoulos, Supervisor, Purchasing & Supply, at , Yours truly, Robin D. Hale Chief Operating Officer RFP 12 ( ) WAYFINDING - CONSULTING SERVICES Page 2 of 21 Table of Contents SECTION SECTION DESCRIPTION PAGE (S) RFP LETTER Invitation Letter 1 T.O.C. Table of Contents 2 Instructions Instructions Definitions Background and Project Scope of Work Project Description and Deliverables Award Notification Schedule of Events Fee Proposal Proposal Submission Format Proposal Evaluation Criteria Proposal Terms & Provisions Proposal Form 17 Notice of No Bid 18 Submission Label 19 Appendix A Fee Proposal Form 20 Appendix B List of Sub-Contractors 21 Toronto Zoo Site Plan RFP 12 ( ) WAYFINDING - CONSULTING SERVICES Page 3 of 21 INSTRUCTIONS 1. Review and complete the RFP requirements and enclosed FORMS and return by due date and time, Friday, , 1200 hours (noon) local time 2. Proposals must not be submitted by facsimile or The person(s) authorized to sign on behalf of the Proponent and to bind the Proponent to statements made in response to this Request for Proposal must sign the proposal. 4. Provide four (4) copies of your proposal, one (1) unbound original signed and three (3) copies of the original proposal in a sealed package or envelope. The package containing the Proposal must be labelled with the submission label provided within. 5. All copies of all pages of the Proposal should be printed in duplex (i.e. on both sides of the pages) where possible and 11 point font. 6. All proposals will be irrevocable for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of the proposal deadline. 7. The duration of the assignment is expected to be approximately four (4) months. The contract may be extended by the Zoo on mutually acceptable terms. 8. Pricing should be in Canadian dollars. 9. Quote discounts or quantity price breaks separately on FORMS. 10. Provide references of at least three (3) clients for whom your company has performed similar work. References must include client company name, contact name, address and address Toronto Zoo, in its sole discretion, may confirm the Proponent s experience and or ability described in its Proposal by checking the Proponent s references. The provision of the references by the Proponent is deemed to be consent to such confirmation/contact with the references. Toronto Zoo reserves the right to revisit the Proponent s scores in the rated requirements based on information learned during reference checks, should they reveal that there is inconsistency between the Proponent s answers to the rated requirements and the results of the reference checks. 11. For any questions concerning the contract terms and conditions of this RFP, please contact, Peter Vasilopoulos, Supervisor, Purchasing & Supply, at , For any technical questions concerning the requirements of this RFP, please contact, Leona Mitchell, Director of Facilities & Services at (416) , Deadline for written questions is Wednesday, at 1200 hours (noon) local time. RFP 12 ( ) WAYFINDING - CONSULTING SERVICES Page 4 of DEFINITIONS 1.1 The following definitions will apply to this Request for Proposal and to any subsequent Contract: Board means the Board of Management of the Toronto Zoo; COO means the Chief Operating Officer of the Toronto Zoo; Consultant means the person, partnership or corporation contracting with the Board to provide the required Services; Contract means acceptance by the Toronto Zoo (by way of written acknowledgement, Agreement, Contract or Purchase Order) to furnish Services for money or other considerations; Contract Price means the price payable under the contract to the Consultant, being the Proposal Price eventually accepted by the Board of Management of the Toronto Zoo subject to any changes pursuant to the Contract Requirements; Proponent means an individual or company that submits or intends to submit, a proposal in response to this Request for Proposal; Proposal Price, Contract and Contract Documents have the meanings set out therefore in clauses contained in these documents; Request for Proposal (RFP) means the RFP document in its entirety, inclusive of any addenda that may be issued by the Toronto Zoo; Services or Work means everything that is necessary to be performed, furnished delivered by the Consultant to meet the Consultant s obligation under this Contract; Steering Committee means a committee of designated Toronto Zoo staff created to oversee the project. RFP 12 ( ) WAYFINDING - CONSULTING SERVICES Page 5 of BACKGROUND AND PROJECT SCOPE BACKGROUND The Toronto Zoo opened August 15, Home to more than 5,000 animals and 300 exhibits representing the world s biomes, the Zoo is situated on 710 acres of land in the picturesque Rouge Valley. The Zoo attracts an average of 1.3 million visitors annually. In 2011, the Federal government announced the creation of the Rouge National Urban Park (RNUP) as part of the national parks system. The Toronto Zoo is located in the heart of the RNUP and although the Zoo lands will be adjacent to the Park, there is tremendous potential for synergies between the Zoo and the new park. A RNUP concept and management plan is being developed and over the last year the Toronto Zoo has been meeting with Parks Canada to explore areas of collaboration. In 2013, the Toronto Zoo received a pair of giant pandas from China on loan for a five year period as part of an international conservation program. The Toronto Zoo is a multi-faceted organization, with core specialized responsibilities in animal management and exhibits programming, while committed to the higher purpose of wildlife, research, education and conservation. The Zoo is also one of the most highly visited destinations in the Toronto cityscape and is included as one of Toronto s most iconic tourist attractions, both locally and globally. There are the administrative functions, customer-facing services, marketing, public relations and facility maintenance functions. Over the years, many Operating and Capital projects have been undertaken to improve the Zoo s facilities, exhibits and infrastructure however, wayfinding signage has not been consistently updated to reflect these changes. In some cases original wayfinding signage is still in place and numerous new systems have been installed which has created some confusion, occasionally making it difficult for guests to easily navigate our site. PROJECT SCOPE The Toronto Zoo is seeking a qualified consultant or consultant team experienced in wayfinding, environmental design, graphic design, map design, dynamic digital content management systems, engineering, specifications and cost estimating to design a new Toronto Zoo wayfinding system. The proponents are required to review the existing wayfinding system and facilitate and develop a new wayfinding system with a forward-thinking analysis considering the Zoo s Mission and Vision, goals and objectives, existing structures and site conditions, financial sustainability, conservation, education and visitor experience, and future plans. The new system should be of contemporary design with suitable materials. A well planned and designed wayfinding system consisting of directional and informational signage is critical for guest orientation and their ability to navigate our site and facilities easily. It is imperative that the wayfinding system be consistent throughout the Zoo and that the graphic design be coordinated with other branding efforts such as website, print materials (including map) and advertising for continuity. The successful proponent will provide a complete wayfinding package that will be used as part of a separate tender package to award fabrication and installation of the wayfinding system components. The terms of this engagement are outlined in a deliverable of set objectives over approximately four months, to commence immediately upon award and issuance of a purchase order Toronto Zoo is seeking proposals from qualified firms to perform the following services and to deliver the product described: RFP 12 ( ) WAYFINDING - CONSULTING SERVICES Page 6 of 21 Consultant to assess current condition and concepts to work with Zoo staff to create a comprehensive Zoo-wide system that allows visitors to easily navigate the Zoo, plan their route, and provide direction to zoo exhibits, amenities, scheduled events, and exiting the Zoo. The new system should help visitors: Easily identify their current location Gain a sense of the Zoo s size and location of major components identifying key features as indicated by the Zoo Provide means of accessing these features either the shortest distance or more interesting route Plan different routes (pending their interest or time available), (animal paw prints or similar) A first step in the process would be to define a new wayfinding system and to translate this into a simple visual representation on a map to be used for printed handouts, on the website, and at wayfinding points, such as the main entrance and Volunteer stations. Moving forward, the phased implementation of capital projects will necessitate regular updating of the Zoo Map to reflect changes being made on site. Making changes to this map will be simplified so that the changes can be made easily and cost effectively by Zoo staff. Features on the Zoo Map may include: Location of all key animal species (shown as features along specific trails) Visitor services and amenities such as retail shops, food services, restrooms, vending, ATM, etc. Visitor hubs (plazas) including Volunteer stations Buildings such as the Education Centre, Pavilions, Zoomobile Stations and public accessible buildings as well as those that might serve as landmarks for visitors will be shown as a footprint and/or by name Other key features such as the entry/exit, parking lots, and attractions (such as Splash Island, Gorilla Climb, Tundra Air, Carousel) Design requirements for the wayfinding system components include: Distinct design to make it easily identifiable and separate it from other site signage (e.g exhibit and warning signage) Simple and easy to understand Consistency in system component design so that visitors are immediately aware where to look for wayfinding information Provision for different user requirements; a) visitors looking for a quick reference to their current location and directions for a specific Zoo feature, b) visitors looking for more detailed information to help in trip planning Flexibility to accommodate future changes in Zoo layout and features Cost effectiveness, especially in light of the need for flexibility Durability and resilience to weather and visitor usage Low maintenance Accommodates visitors with disabilities Some specific wayfinding system components include but are not limited to: Trip-planning. Orientation kiosks Located in the entry plaza and five visitor hubs (plazas) around the zoo Weather-protection structure Map, general Zoo information Programs/events and information monitor as part of networked dynamic digital content system Connected to power and network RFP 12 ( ) WAYFINDING - CONSULTING SERVICES Page 7 of 21 Networked dynamic digital content signage system In addition to managing content at kiosk monitors, the system will accommodate expansion to include new displays at the ticket booths/zoo reception and menu displays in the restaurants. A priority task on this front will be to design specifications for larger, full colour LED displays at front entry to replace LED displays at ticket booths. Directional elements (nearby animals, amenities, exit, etc.) Easy to understand directional system located at decision points away from the hub kiosk Secondary directional elements, as required Trail Markers (potentially consultant to validate) Shorter posts that identify trailheads and validation points along the trail Redesigned Zoo Map AODA-compliant building signage system For use on-grounds and in staff areas Restroom signage, exterior building & gate signage, office identification system, etc. Temporary Wayfinding The phased implementation of capital projects at the Zoo over the next few years will necessitate some temporary wayfinding matching the new system until permanent structures are complete Temporary wayfinding may be an adaptation of system components using alternative materials, mountings and/or locations, as required Some specific consultant services and products include but are not limited to: Cost Estimating The successful proponent is to provide the following: Cost estimate for required wayfinding system components based on the recommendations contained in their proposal Base cost estimates on current year pricing (2017) Provide individual cost estimates for each type of sign (if applicable) Include fabrication costs for each type of sign (if applicable) Installation and permit fees for each type of sign (if applicable) Consultant shall develop and maintain Cost Estimates for fabrication and installation through all phases of its Services. Consultant shall base all Cost Estimates on the most current wayfinding system design submittal as approved by Zoo and shall prepare updated Cost Estimates at each phase of the Project Base all costs on current price information appropriate to the level of design detail with escalation rate and duration clearly identified as a separate line item. Cost escalation rates and projected bid and installation dates shall be as approved by Zoo Include contingencies for design, bidding, fabrication and installation as individual line items, with the percentage and base of calculations clearly identified Reconcile each Cost Estimate with Zoo s budget allocation. If estimate exceeds the approved budget, the Consultant shall, at the Consultant s expense, redraw, revise, and/or value engineer the system, if so directed by Zoo, so that said estimate does not exceed the approved budget. Consultant shall be responsible for the accuracy of each Construction Cost Estimate Construction Documents The Construction Documents prepared under this RFP are to form part of a separate RFQ for printing, fabrication and installation of all signage/wayfinding components. They shall include: RFP 12 ( ) WAYFINDING - CONSULTING SERVICES Page 8 of 21 1) Electronic print ready set of Zoo-approved graphics 2) Detailed drawings for fabrication and installation of the signs 3) Specifications providing all necessary information to fabricate the signage including but not limited to; material, colour, installation techniques, handling, etc. Unless otherwise provided in the Contract, all documents, instruments and media of any nature produced by the Contractor pursuant to this agreement are Work Products and are the property of the Toronto Zoo, including but not limited to: drawings, specifications, reports, scientific or theoretical modeling, electronic media, computer software created or altered specifically for the purpose of completing the Scope of Work, works of art and photographs. The direction of the Zoo and its mission, vision, goals and objectives as set out in the Strategic Plan have to be considered in prioritizing work of the wayfinding system and allocating resources for such work. As well the proposed changes reflected in the 2016 Capital Master Plan have to be considered in the new design PROJECT DESCRIPTION AND DELIVERABLES Reporting to the Director of Facilities & Services and working with the Steering Committee, the Consultant will undertake the following: 3.1 Review Related Documents Review existing background information to understand the Toronto Zoo s history, purpose, operating environment and future plans. A comprehensive list of relevant documents is outlined in Appendix C Review relevant documentation from other Zoos and Aquariums. 3.2 Research Review the process for attending (how to get there from here) the Zoo through social media, advertising, Toronto Zoo website, etc Complete a thorough review of the existing site including accessing parking, the main entrance, exhibits, Pavilions, public spaces, food services, retail spaces, rental spaces, circulation, etc., to fully understand the condition of the Wayfinding in these existing spaces Review key areas of interest and special functions on site Review Wayfinding systems from other major zoos Review modern technology, means and methods for Wayfinding Systems Understand current visitor traffic patterns and usage as well as most and least visited destinations/exhibits/areas on site during peak season and peak hours. 3.3 Consultation Conduct user and stakeholder interviews with selected management staff Facilitate meetings with project team members to collect information and discuss the content of the Wayfinding Facilitate meetings with staff from the following areas: Operations & Administration; Conservation, Education & Wildlife Care; Member & Guest Services; and, Marketing, Communications & Partnerships. RFP 12 ( ) WAYFINDING - CONSULTING SERVICES Page 9 of Consolidation, Review and Final Documents After your site review, research, and data collection, define the Wayfinding system in its current condition Provide a report outlining recommendations for improvements and detailed drawings and specifications for new wayfinding system and components Prepare a cost analysis for removal of existing signage and proposed Wayfinding solution Based on the findings from your research and consultation phases provide an initial report at the completion of the research phase (that will show approximately 25% of your work). Your initial report should describe the overall conceptual approach as well as including a high level outline of the plan identifying the key areas of focus of the Wayfinding. Your initial report should show numerous components (drawings, sketches, cost estimates, project descriptions, schedule, etc.) of your overall plan for
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