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CONTENTS French at the Supermarket... 1 Finding French words and products in American supermarkets Creating a Classroom Decor... 5 Faisons les courses - vocabulary... 8 Specialty stores, supermarket, departments,
CONTENTS French at the Supermarket... 1 Finding French words and products in American supermarkets Creating a Classroom Decor... 5 Faisons les courses - vocabulary... 8 Specialty stores, supermarket, departments, products, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, bread, deli, sauces, spices, seafood, meat, house cleansers, beauty products, names of French supermarkets Parlons! Conversational French used in food shopping Des Marques - French Brand Names A resource for teachers Food Clip Art pages: packages, food in general, bread & pastries, fruits, vegetables, meat & seafood, party refreshments, hygiene & cleaning products Simulations Using simulations; Au Marché (aux fruits, aux légumes,) Au Supermarché, À la Boulangerie, À la Pâtisserie Listening listening activities; overhead activity; listening activity sheets Communication paired conversations situations; Fiches de questions; interview, surveys 28 Skit Ideas Presentations - Groups and Individuals Activities activities (games, special days, fill-in chants, theatrics, card game, impersonations, Le Juste Prix, word games, brainstorming, creative tasks) Tour du Supermarché Board game Puzzles Fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, supermarket Riddles (30) Activity Sheets sheets; le + food, du + food, anagrams, food practice, movie titles, partitive, adjectives at the supermarket, rhymes, shopping verbs, quantities, conversations, stores, shopping lists, fill-ins, surveys, PAS DE, packaging, EN, converting kilos and liters, Avez-vous, language in context, agenda, creative writing, puns, rap Web Sites Internet Tasks tasks; (euros, addresses, prices, products, brands, etc.) activity sheets Food Expressions French expressions based on foods; activity sheets Project Ideas Creative Writing Activities Answers Susan M. Fenton All rights reserved. Madame Fifi Publications FAISONS LES COURSES LE FRANÇAIS au SUPERMARKET SCAVENGER HUNT As an introduction to the French food shopping experience, have your students do an exploratory warm-up activity. Send them off to look for French words - right in their own local supermarkets. Increase their awareness of how much French is there and teach them some new vocabulary and a few French product names, too. Copy pages 2 and 3 and give them to your students to take with them to the supermarket. On page 2 they will list as many French words and names as they can find like Perrier, Garnier, entrée, cuisine, etc. The activity on page 3 is more focused. It aks for specific information and guides the students with clues. Page 3 will help the students find more words for the page 2 activity. Set a due date which is 2 weeks away to give the students time to schedule the scavenger hunt and to make plans with their parents if they need transportation. Parents may not help the students find the words. This is not a competition. Let the students know that the actual search is the most important aspect of the activity. You would like them to complete both sheets, but tell them they won t be penalized if they don t. If they spend at least 30 to 40 minutes, make their best efforts, and get most of the answers, they will get credit. There is a teacher resource list of French words at the supermarket on page 4. Consider doing the activity yourself, though, to experience the task as the students will. You might find additional words in your supermarket to add to the resource list. RE-CAP After everyone has done the Scavenger Hunt, devote a class period to going over the results. Start with a quick survey to see how many French words the students found. Then make a composite list on the board. The students take turns contributing words as you write them in columns on the board. Ask the students to take notes. Tell what the words or root words mean. For example, explain that bouillon comes from bouillir = to boil. Identify names such as L Oréal, Garnier, and Yoplaît. When the students lists are depleted, continue to write more words on the board from page 4 and from your own list. When you finish, your students will be amazed at how much French there is at the supermarket that they never noticed. This activity will make an impact on them and leave a lasting impression. The students will feel a new appreciation for French. GOURMET meringue meringue Croûtons M OUSE sauté Susan M. Fenton All rights reserved. Madame Fifi Publications FAISONS LES COURSES NOM DATE LE FRANÇAIS au Soyez détective. Trouvez ces mots-ci français dans un supermarché. Bon courage! 1. Find a name of French origin on a brand of maple syrup. 2. Find 2 sauces with French words where you find seasoning and gravy packets. 3. Find 3 French words in the Pepperidge Farm cookie section. 4. Does the store carry these French products? Bonne Maman (jams; they have checkered lids) OUI 9 NON 9 Nutella (in the jams and peanut butter section) OUI 9 NON 9 Dannon (yogurt; owned by Danone of France) OUI 9 NON 9 Evian (mineral water) OUI 9 NON 9 5. Find the French word for flavored soup cubes. Find a word for a clear broth that begins with c. 6. Find a French word in the salad dressings section. 7. Find a two-word French name for a cleanser. 8. Find the names of 2 French cheeses: 9. Find a brand of canned peas with a French name. 10. Find 1 product that has the word gourmet on it. 11. Find a Betty Crocker potato dish with a French word. _ 12. Find 2 French words in the frozen foods section. 13. Find 2 magazines with French names. 14. Find 2 French words in the pudding section. 15. Find a word for a French pastry in the frozen foods section. 16. Find a French word in the air fresheners department. Susan M. Fenton All rights reserved. Madame Fifi Publications FAISONS LES COURSES 3 CREATING a CLASSROOM for FOOD SHOPPING in FRANCE GENERAL DECOR Decorate the outside of your classroom door to look like the facade of a French supermarket. Use a real French supermarket name. Make a sign to put over the door. Put store windows to the left and right of the door and fill them with PROMOTIONS of the week. Your students will feel like they re walking into a French supermarket! Options: une pâtisserie, une boulangerie (Change the door each week; term.) Hang signs above the class that say the names of departments in a supermarket. Use pieces of string with buttons tied to the ends of them. Secure the buttons up behind suspended ceiling panels. Examples: les produits laitiers les légumes les viandes SORTIE les biscuits les fruits les fruits de mer CAISSE les produits surgelés les condiments la charcuterie les boissons Ask volunteers to paint a mural on white butcher paper for a classroom wall (supermarket facade, row of speciality store fronts, or outdoor market with stalls/stands.) Set up French some supermarket departments around the room with props and packages. Put signs on the walls for supermarket departments with labeled color images of their products under them. If you are in touch with people in France, ask them to send you some supermarket flyers - 2 of each. (Then you can use the front and backs of all the pages.) Laminate these and post them on the walls. PRODUCT DISPLAYS Display authentic French supermarket products that are sold in the United States such as Perrier, Toblerone, LU cookies (Petit Écolier, Evian, L Oréal, round Camembert box, Pim s cookies, Bonne Maman jam, etc.) Arrange them in a bookcase. Display products from American supermarkets that use French words. Create a classroom supermarket with facsimiles of French products. Send the students on a mission to find pictures of a wide range of French food product pictures on the Internet (butter, yogurt, canned vegetables, cereals, mayonnaise, dressings, jelly, sodas, cookies, chips, ice cream, etc.) Then divide the list of products and ask the students to make authentic-looking labels and glue them onto empty food packages they bring from home (jars, cereal boxes, bottles, etc.) Use soy milk containers for milk. (In some cases, like with Heinz and Kellogg s, actual bottles or boxes can be used. Alter the names. On your next trip to France or Quebec, go to a supermarket and find some actual products / packages to add to your displays and props. SIGNS Make colorful computer banners or signs for French supermarkets and speciality stores to to put on the walls. (Find signs in pictures on the Internet to use as models.) Post signs of brands of food sold in France. (See page 15.) Post signs of French food expressions (pages ) with meanings or get students to illustrate them. Susan M. Fenton All rights reserved. Madame Fifi Publications FAISONS LES COURSES 5 CREATING A CLASSROOM DECOR PROPS These props can be displayed to enhance conversations and activities; to present new material; and to conduct store simulations with customer-vendor dialogues. They can be used by students in presentations and skits. Props can be circulated in activities. a long table (to create a produce market) bookcases (for supermarket shelves) facsimiles of French food products; plastic fruit a toy cash register (or one made with a box) a variety of jars, boxes, cans, and bottles price stickers in euros ( i ) (with actual prices found on-line) rubber chicken samples of real fruits and vegetables (one of each) for simulations a cash register, either made out of a box or use a toy one baguettes (real, plastic or made out of papier mâché) a plastic shopping basket (You might be able to borrow one from a small local neighborhood grocery store.) a shopping cart (A store might let you have an old one.) play euros (Print fake bills from the Internet or buy some.) white plastic bags FLASH CARDS Make picture flash cards of food on card stock. Use them to reinforce vocabulary and in numerous activities. Divide the food lists that follow. Ask the students to enlarge and print color clip art images to 8 ½ x 11. Laminate them. BULLETIN BOARDS Groups of students can take turns doing the research and designing bulletin boards. French at the Supermarket Collage Make a collage of French words found on food packages or in magazines or newspapers. Assign each student to bring in 10 clippings for an assignment. The students use these to make a collage for the classroom. Option: Use poster board or foam board. French Supermarket Collage Make a collage of photos from the Internet of French supermarket facades and interiors. Include small signs of the names of French supermarket chains, labeled images of the vocabulary of supermarket (le chariot, la caisse, etc.,) and names of the departments with images of the basic foods in those categories.) 6 Susan M. Fenton All rights reserved. Madame Fifi Publications FAISONS LES COURSES
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