Applied Economics Intensive 2017 (Edinburgh) Akinao Fujiki

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Applied Economics Intensive 2017 (Edinburgh) Akinao Fujiki When I found my host family, I thought the following things. Firstly, it takes thirty minutes by bus from Edinburgh university to the house, so
Applied Economics Intensive 2017 (Edinburgh) Akinao Fujiki When I found my host family, I thought the following things. Firstly, it takes thirty minutes by bus from Edinburgh university to the house, so I thought it would make me tired. Secondly, my host family has nine members, host mother, three daughters and five grandchildren, so I thought I couldn t act freely. However, the impression of my host family for me have changed according to meet them. When I met them firstly, I felt worried about the life in Edinburgh, so I would often check the rule of the house. But my host mother noticed my feeling, and said Don t worry. It is up to you. This comment made me relieved. Actually, there were no rules to have to obey, so I could do a lot of things as I think. I usually talked with my host mother at dinner. At first, our conversation was with formalities. But, gradually, as we felt at ease with each other, we talked about politics and culture and so on. In meal respect, there were variety of menus, and moreover the taste was very good. And also, she cleaned up my room and did the laundry while I am not in my room. Except for me, three foreign students also came there. They are from Germany, Slovakia, Spain respectively, and I could join the international exchange. It was fun for me. The last day, I failed to take an airplane left at Edinburgh airport, so I tried to find my accommodation, but my host mother invited her house one more day. She was so kind. I was happy to stay her house. Thank you to take this opportunity. Yuta Adachi In this essay, I would like to mention the economics lessons in our summer program in Edinburgh university. We are students majoring in economics, so we had economics classes even in Edinburgh university. In those lessons, we studied the economy of the UK and the economy of Scotland. And we also learned the politics of the UK. Although I was quite interested in these topics, the lessons were a little easy for us, to tell the truth, because our teachers in Edinburgh were probably not professors of economics. However, it was good for me to have the opportunity to read some pieces of economic news in English and to look at the economy of the UK on the internet. After we researched, we had the poster presentation on the economy of Scotland. The most exciting happenings in this presentation were discussing with many teachers the economy of Scotland and the economy of Japan in the future. I had never talked about such a serious topic with teachers and friends, so I could deepen my thought of the economy of these two countries through this experience. And, in the end of our program, we had a final presentation. First, we made a pair based on the content we wanted to examine. My theme of the final presentation was Brexit. I think most people already know through news what Brexit is and there is a difference in opinion on Brexit between the Scottish and the British. However, we hardly know their raw opinions, and we don t know why there is the difference between them either. So, making a questionnaire, we asked people walking outside about Brexit. For the first time, it was quite difficult to ask strangers because I was afraid of refusal. But, as I talked to many people, I got relaxed. Finally, I enjoyed listening to their real opinions. That was the most precious experience for me during my summer program because, if I went to the UK on sightseeing, I couldn t ask others about a political topic. Actually, we did not have many economics classes, but I had many great experience which will be useful for studying international economics. I really appreciate this summer program. Bekki Takashi What do you image when you hear the word Scotland? You may not think of it now. In this essay, I am going to write about my impression of Scotland-Edinburgh Skye- and I hope this essay will help you understand Scotland. Firstly, I write about Edinburgh city. I took participate in the Edinburgh city bus tour in the first day of our program. At that time I felt historical architectures remain in this town and this city was exciting. Edinburgh is not big city but there are many places to visit such as botanic garden Arthur s seat and Edinburgh castle and so on. I also think just walking must be fun especially in August because festival is hold in the city and we can enjoy watching performances anywhere in the city. Edinburgh is consisted of new town and old town. These areas are difference clearly and the contrast is very interesting. Speaking of traffic, the bus is very convenient since the bus is developed greatly and fare is same without the distance. Secondly, I write about the Skye. Skye is the island located in north of Scotland. I visited there during the second weekend. My first impression of the Skye is that it seems to be so hard for creature to survive. Although there is rich nature at the beginning of trip I can not find tall plant step by step and then the bus ran between steep mountains. I was surprised at the gap between Edinburgh and the Skye and at the same time I was glad to see the different aspect of Scotland. In conclusion you will have a good time in Scotland because Scotland have rich culture and harsh nature. Scotland can make your summer special. Fumika Higashi In this summer, I had a wonderful experience in Edinburgh. I went to Edinburgh university and had classes five days a week. I had not only English lessons, but also economics lessons. Because I am third grades, I have some economic intelligence. However, there were two reasons I enjoyed having economics lessons. Firstly, I could study the UK economics and the Scottish economics. Because I was in Scotland, I could get much information about the UK and Scotland and hear many thoughts from teachers who lives in Scotland. I was very surprised to hear that Scotland is famous for tourism and the North Sea oil. Especially Edinburgh has so many historical architectures and festivals that many people visit there from all over the world. Before I go to Edinburgh, I have never heard it. So, I can say that because of the economics lessons, I can study about the UK economics and the Scottish economics. Secondly, I could study basic economical words and discuss with other students in English. At first, it was very hard for me to use English, but I had many chances to use it and teachers told us how to say, so finally I had no nervous to use it. Different from Japanese classes, my classes had only fourteen students and often made three or four groups to discuss, so I could have more time to say my opinions and to hear other opinions. In the last classes, I also had a presentation. This type of classes gave me willingness to study economics in English. Thanks to my experiences in this summer in Edinburgh, I could have much confidence to study economics and English. I want to remember this feeling for the last two years in YNU and in the future. Kaito Tabata I could spend meaningful time at University of Edinburgh the last summer. The program that I took was made finely, so I could study premeditatedly. Our teachers taught us with enthusiasm in class, so I could learn a lot. And they pointed out my English problems, and told me what I need to do to make my English better, so I could study effectively. Especially, they told me about pronunciation finely and I did repeated practice many times in class, so I was able to improve pronunciation. In addition, the atmosphere of class was good at all because we had talk individually with teachers several times to improve the atmosphere of class and they heard our opinions. And I could study not only English but also economics. I major in economics, but I learned many things that I did not know. The most interesting topic was compering Scottish economy with Japanese economy. I could find out a lot of differences in both countries. Mentors ware so kind that I had a lot of opportunity to ask them a lot of questions. And they often gave me advise about some projects, such as poster presentation, so I could make better presentations. At the time except the class, they were very kind because they guided town, and had lunch together many times. We studied at the University during summer vacation, but there a lot of students, and International students mainly from China in the University, so I had a lot of time to talk with them in English and to know their cultures that I did not know. As for me, Both the facilities and the atmosphere are regulated well, and teachers are splendid, so I think University of Edinburgh is ideal place to study. Kentaro Ito When I went to Edinburgh, I was overwhelmed by the beautiful streets and houses. The whole city of Edinburgh is World Heritage and there are two areas, the old town and the new town, in Edinburgh. There are many beautiful and historic buildings in the old town. Moreover, there are many tourist spot such as the castle of Edinburgh, the palace of Holyroodhouse, Carlton hill and so on. The castle of Edinburgh is the symbol of Edinburgh and we can see it from anywhere. There are many historical displays, so we can learn Scottish history. Moreover we can watch the beautiful Scottish crown and jewelry in the pavilion of the castle. The palace of Holyroodhouse is the palace of the Royal Family and Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth stays in July. We can visit there and watch the brilliant decoration of the palace and the portrait paintings of former Kings of Scotland. Carlton hill is the symbol of Edinburgh and we can look out over not only the whole of the city but also the sea. The top of the hill is the field, so we can sit in the sun and read a book with lying. Moreover, there are many souvenir shops in Royal Mile which is in the center of the old town, so we can buy various Scottish souvenirs such as scarf made with kilt, fudge and Scottish whisky. Edinburgh is the great city that fuses the town and the countryside and time passes slowly unlike Japan, so we can live slowly in Edinburgh. That is why, Edinburgh is the very attractive city. It is not too much to say that Edinburgh is my second home. I surely want to visit Edinburgh again someday. Mana Koketsu I took part in a lot of social events such as fringe shows, Sky trip and Ceilidh during staying in Edinburgh. Especially among them, The Royal Military Tattoo was the most memorable for me because I felt as if the world could get connected to people from all over the world by military which seems to be contrary each other. It was often said that it was difficult to get a ticket, but thanks to my host family, I could get it miraculously. Military Tattoo is a kind of shows that militaries play musical instrument or dance conforming with their own culture, so there were various types of performances. In this year, Japanese military participated in it for the first time. They had only five minutes of performance, but could introduce some Japanese cultures, for example, two samurais put on armor and sword fight powerfully or a famous Japanese drummer played the Japanese drum or a woman worn kimono sang a song beautifully. I was proud as Japanese. At last, Scottish military appeared and I heard the performance with the Scottish traditional musical instrument, bagpipes. I think the timbre of bagpipes goes well with the old townscape in Edinburgh and like a somehow gentle sound of them. Then, they played Auld lang syne which is a quasi-anthem in Scotland and known as hotarunohikari in Japan. We sang this familiar song shaking hands with people next to me and it was the moment that I felt the world came to one peacefully. I was excited by each country s powerful performances and also, at the same time, I was moved by the ingenious view of the whole world. If I have a chance to visit Edinburgh, I want to go the Military Tattoo absolutely and you should go. Keisuke Murakoshi University of Edinburgh is one of the greatest university in the UK. I d already known about that before I went there. In fact, this university is the best in Scotland and about 20th in the world. This impression has never changed until now. First, the teachers were excellent and kind to us. They taught us a lot about English, economy, or Scotland, etc. They indicated our pronunciation or grammar again and again. And they always supported our studies. So we could acquire wide and deep knowledge from them. Second, the students were also wonderful. We had two mentors who supported our classes. They always advised us about our study. Their advices were appropriate and easy to understand even for foreign students, and they were very close to us as if they were studying together. Thanks to them, we could study smoothly. Third, the environment was marvelous. For example, the library attached to the university was large and it had so many books, or the café near the university was very comfortable. Also, the university was located near the city center, where the festival was held on, so we could go there after school. Thus, there is no doubt that University of Edinburgh is great university because of these aspects. And especially, I think this university suits for foreign students who want to study abroad. Although it was the first time for me to study abroad, I could spend comfortable and productive days. I m really satisfied with both study and experience at this university. If you are ambitious, I d like to recommend you join in this program. Nanako Kanda I joined the program of University of Edinburgh for 1 month. Every day was amazing. I will talk about the social events. First, we enjoyed dancing called ceilidh which is traditional Scottish dance. We danced with pair. It was very hard, but I think we were connected with strong ties. We were able to communicate with foreign people in English. I thought we should live in open shame and talk with many people because we can find multifarious differences and can get lots of things from it. I am glad to find various opinions of foreign people. Second, I saw the Military Tattoo. It was held in front of the Edinburgh castle at night. I was very impressed and I want to go again. The marching was wonderful and the music of each countries was fantastic. I took many photo and video. Finally, we enjoyed the Edinburgh Festival. In August, Edinburgh has a festival of art and our school zone was near the festival area, so we could go to the festival after the class every day. We saw acrobatic dances, fire performance and musician s playing. There are many artists from around the world, so we could see many kinds of show. We also enjoyed drinking whisky. According to the law in there, we can drink even if we were 18 ages. So, I went to the whisky shop with my friends and tried Scotch Whisky a little. That is going beyond my imagination and very strong, so I was surprised. I think it was good experience for me. If I can go there again, I promise that I return to my host family and I will spend my time for staying with them. I want to say them thank you. Naotaka Nishikawa In University of Edinburgh, the sixth oldest university in the UK, I had a great time in studying English and economics. To our surprise, it seems that a lot of buildings in the historic Old Town belong to the university. You will be fascinated with the fabric of such beautiful buildings. In the city, there are many campuses of University of Edinburgh, and we foreign students of the English language studied at Paterson s Land, which is close to the Scottish Parliament Building. Because it is located in the center of the city, we could enjoy going to the festival, shopping, sightseeing, and so forth after school. Although sometimes I felt it was a bit cold in the classroom, we could concentrate on our study thanks to our teachers, mentors and clerical staffs. Teachers always took care of us with our health, accommodations or classes. I will not forget that all the classes they taught were so funny, attractive and exciting. I had never met someone better at teaching than them. Mentors were so incredibly excellent that they always gave us accurate and valuable advice or information. We became friends one another and will be for life. The clerical staff, we appreciate their prompt handling. They should be among the greatest staffs in the world. University of Edinburgh is one of the best places to study and this programme is among the best opportunities to do so for students who have never studied abroad. It might also be a good opportunity for students who plan to study abroad. It is the most difficult university to gain admission into in Scotland, and 9th overall in the UK, so you might be able to find something informative for you. I wish you good luck when you decide to take part in this programme. Natsuki Arai This was my first time to study abroad and stay with host family. Now, I live in Tokyo with my grandparents, and my host family was also old couple, so I could be relaxed. First day I arrived at host house was terrible because I was sick. That is why, I could not communicate with them at first. My host mother likes cooking and she made sandwich for me when I traveled London. She asked me the food that I like and dislike. She made soup, pie, haggis, and so on. My host father likes watching TV. He loves sports and I also love sports, so we talked about sports very much. Every night, I and my host family watched TV together with Coca Cola. They told me quiz show, and this TV program was very interesting. We thought about answers together. Sometimes we watched a movie until 1 a.m. I could enjoy talking during dinner. We talked about sports, hobbies and my family. They also love travelling and they told me their recommended places. My host father cannot walk long way, so we could not go out together, but I enjoyed talking with them. My stay in Edinburgh was comfortable. I could use shower every time I want to use. By the way, one day, shower machine was broken and I felt very cold! I had my own room although it was narrow. Gradually, I was accustomed to daily life in Edinburgh with my host family. Before I went to Edinburgh, I wanted to go back to Japan soon. However, I did not want to leave my host house when I finished this program. They were very kind to me and I had wonderful time with them. Reona Shirakawa My host family has a mother, her daughter and a dog, called Mille. They like exercising very much, so we often took Mille for a walk together. My host sister bakes cakes about three days a week. I joined her baking many times. It was very funny because we always made some excuses for picking up ingredients with our fingers and laughed together. Everyday, when I went back home, we talked about how the day was. I was looking forward to listening to what other people did and what they enjoyed. I liked the time, because the speaker looks excited, also they told me where I should go next free time. My host family accepted totally five students and teachers from other countries. Therefore, it was easy for me to make friends with foreign people other than Scottish people. Particularly, I became true friends with an Italian woman, Marta. She went to a school near the University of Edinburgh, so I went to the university with her. We went out together, such as for shopping, having lunch, and so on. Especially, I clearly remember the day we went to the North Sea with her friends who were from Germany and Switzerland. They taught me some expresses in their own languages. It was very interesting to know about their hometown. The sea was cold but beautiful. I enjoyed running around the sea and taking some pictures. I could meet these great people thanks to this summer school. I was so happy because I could easily learn a lot of foreign culture, which were different from Japanese one. I actually sensed something different from foreign people s feelings, so I had to consider how to express what I meant in English. That was hard, but I recon that I can make use of this expe
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