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1. A Letter to the desk of editor A letter direct from the editor desk highlighting on December edition 2. Interview Interview with Belen Fernandez Franca 3. Cover Storey SketchUp - Look Back in
1. A Letter to the desk of editor A letter direct from the editor desk highlighting on December edition 2. Interview Interview with Belen Fernandez Franca 3. Cover Storey SketchUp - Look Back in Article Tips for Fast and Simplified SketchUp Usage 5. Blog Mixamo introduced Fuse, the latest Universal 3D Character Creator For Steam SketchUp Rendering Using V-Ray - An online course by Brian Bradley An exclusive demonstration on The SketchUp to iclone Pipeline will be provided in the sixth annual Machinima Expo 6. Tutorial How Far with SketchUp - Sculpturing? How to manage intensity and shadows using Omni Lights in Vray for Sketchup V-Ray Polar Light Trails SketchUp Section Cut or Floor Plan to AutoCAD 7. News Room 8. Magazine Details The Creative team of Sketchup-ur-Space 1 P age A letter direct from the editor desk highlighting on October edition We have put our step in the year We have seen lots of enhancements with sketchup in Lots of new plugins arrived to ease the 3d modeling process. Now the users are looking forward to get more advance features which should be included with sketchup in near future Superior support for searching and setting up Ruby extensions, improved tools for drafting, superior tools compatible with rendering engines, faster application of the software on the large models and lots more. So we are hopeful that the Trimble will drive sketchup to the next level in The team of sketchup ur space is launching another spectacular edition of its magazine. In this issue our team has presented an exclusive cover story on sketchup highlighting the significant enhancements with sketchup in 2013 as well as introduction of various new rendering, animation, woodworking, 3d modeling plugins, addons, extensions. In article section the team of sketchup ur space has presented an informative article useful for newbie and advanced level sketchup users. The article focuses on some fundamental & quick tips to speed up the modeling process of the software. The tutorial section is enriched with 4(four) enlightening tutorials presented by Tim Killen, Zernan Suarez, Lee Wylde and Dylan Brown. Tim Killen has over 35 years experience in Engineering & IT management. In his article Tim briefly explains how he utilizes sketchup in woodworking projects. Zernan Suarez, a Professional Interior Designer cum 3D Visualizer for the past 10 years, has provided an exclusive tutorial through which he shows how to manage the intensity and shadows applying omni lights in vray for sketchup Lee Wylde, a leading architect and interior designer, has presented a tutorial that focuses on V-ray polar light. In this tutorial Lee shows how to apply HDRI and V-Ray Physical Cameras to set up a scene. Dylan Brown, the most promising architect, has made a unique tutorial on sketchup that focuses on the steps of exporting a section cut from a SketchUp model to a 2D line drawing in AutoCAD. In the blog and news section there will be some latest information on upcoming 3d modeling softwares and sketchup plugins. Hope our readers will enjoy this issue and prove their valuable suggestions & feedbacks. If you have any queries concerning publication, subscription, troubles navigating the site, please mail us Best wishes Rajib Dey Editor 2 P age Rendezvous with Belen Fernandez Franca - Technical Architect and authorized trainer for Trimble SketchUp Hello! Please tell us something about your background. My name is Belén, I'm 31 years old and I'm from Barcelona, Spain. I am a Technical Architect and authorized trainer for Trimble SketchUp. For more than 10 years now SketchUp is my main tool, either for training or to make several constructive info graphics. I am interested in the world of Education and Architecture, and would like to be part of such projects where I could possibly develop my professional skills as much as possible. When and how did you discover Sketchup? My first contact with the program was in 2002, four years before being bought by Google. At that time, I was at college, studying the 2nd year of a Technical Architecture degree. I combined my studies with a part-time job as an intern in the Graphics Department of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona). It was at this Department, where I used the software for the first time. The interface and system use were similar, but processed slowly and lacked many of the tools that highlight this program as the 3d warehouse , the connection with Google Earth, various tools like Follow Me , Sections or manager of shadows... and not forgetting its limited import and export formats. What is the most significant aspect of Sketchup? In my opinion, the best feature of SketchUp is how quickly you can draw. I think the way SketchUp combines modeling tools with 3D space management (orbiting, references to other elements...)... is really fantastic! I must not forget to say that the 3D Warehouse, is also fabulous. I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all the people that is hanging their models there. Thanks and keep it up! What types of projects do you generally accomplish with Sketchup? What are some of the most impressive projects you ve worked on? In my early years of contact with SketchUp, during my collaborations with the University, performing different projects on 3D surveys of cities and towns of my country with cultural attractions such as Barcelona, Arenys de Mar etc... 3 P age A few years later, we put together a great educational project with SketchUp for architecture students. In SketchUp-Ur- Space I wrote about it, The creation of an Innovative Didactic resource with SketchUp. In 2010 I started as an authorized trainer of SketchUp in Barcelona, through Iscar Software Architecture S.L., SketchUp Partner Company in Spain. I am currently doing-forming. I must confess that I love to teach this program... to see the happy faces of my students is priceless! Currently I also do 3D architectural surveys of buildings, specifically renders of finished and renders of construction processes. I am currently working on a project of a house that has an estimated budget of 3 million Euros. One of the costly and most important projects where I worked was performing 3D construction process of a warehouse for HONDA. It was an object of great magnitude with planning of work marked by several handicaps which required technical knowledge on building and graphics... and with a delivery time of no more than 3 weeks! Thanks to the speed and performance of SketchUp I could finish the job within the deadline. As a technical Architect, how do you evaluate Sketchup? SketchUp is one of my main tools. Thanks to its easy handling, speed and power, I can make visually attractive projects in record time. It's like modeling with my own hands! Therefore, my evaluation of SketchUp is excellent! I recommend to all professional architects proving SketchUp! They mustn t stop using it! What are your wish lists for Sketchup in 2014? My first wish is that The program integrates photorealistic render tools including artificial lights. Other wish... is to improve the precision of sandbox tools and create new tools for organic modeling. Do not forget to improve section tools: It would be interesting to make section cuts more complicated, I mean, not linear, at different planes. Also, sandbox tools could work with different line weights and to integrate textures and pattern fills. And the last wish...is to complement the 3D Ware House with a database of materials and textures. You perform as the SketchUp Authorized Trainer for Spain and the Community Manager of SketchUp Barcelona. Please tell us something about that? The initial objective of SketchUp Barcelona was able to communicate with students who had completed the course of SketchUp with me. I considered that Face book and Twitter were good platforms to keep in touch with them, and answer questions, inform them of the developments concerning and keep them updated with new features. I must confess that it is my way to stay current in a rapidly changing world like this. What began in 2011 as a limited project has now evolved to become an international network with over a thousand followers of different world countries such as Argentina, Indonesia, Peru, Ukraine, Vietnam. We keep working! 4 P age What are your suggestions for becoming a successful architect? To work with passion and perseverance, to believe in your own projects of the moment without losing sight of the future. And the most important of all, never give up...! What suggestions do you want to provide for Sketchup our space team? I think you do an excellent job; my suggestion is simply that you continue working as before! 5 P age SketchUp - Look Back in 2013 SketchUp is the most effective software for creating a 3D model in the most simplified and error free manner. In an effort to simplify the entire process of 3D modeling continuous up-gradation and enhancement of the software are crucial. In 2013, various plug-ins and software have been introduced to make the application of SketchUp smooth and even more user friendly. In the past one year a range of efforts have been made keeping in view the convenience of SketchUp users. In the month of January 2013, PolicyPak Software, desktop management and Group Policy released a management Pak for Google Sketchup which allows the IT admins to enforce an Auto-Save feature that helps the users to protect their unsaved works from losing. In the same month, The University of Utah's istar educational program was organized at Universal's theme parks for students with autism to create 3-D models of their own individual design. The program uses Trimble's SketchUp to check the childs spatial-visual strengths. Certified SketchUp instructor and designer for Universal Creative, Steve Gross, mentored children on how he used SketchUp to design attractions like Transformers and the amazing world of Harry Potter. The SketchUp design program proved to be easy to learn and use for these students and helped in enhancing their confidence and interacting skills. For an improved user experience of rendering with Shaderlight, version 2.4 of the leading interactive and intuitive rendering plug-in to SketchUp was also launched which was available to existing Shaderlight v2 customers for free. This release made rendering fast and efficient and also reduced memory usage up to 90%. On January 24, 2013 at the University of Iowa Main Library, Public Digital Humanities for Lunch (PDH4L) offered users a free tour of 3D modeling software. Computers were offered to interested participants. Cory Taylor refers Trimble SketchUp as intuitive 3-D modeling software which is remarkably easy to use and has a very short learning curve. PDH4L talks continued throughout 2013 to focus on the nature and role of public digital humanities in contemporary culture. SketchUp gained a new status with its application in crime scene reconstruction. In the month of February, SketchUp was used in an absolutely different domain by Albert Schade, a detective in the Forensic Services Unit for the Berks County District Attorney s Office and the mind behind a website that details workflows for modeling crime scenes in 3D, Crime Scene Interactive. SketchUp aids to model real measurements easily and has the ability to add on features via Ruby along with a wide range of import/export options. As per Schade, SketchUp is highly useful in reconstructing the crime before the court, through the varied data collected at the crime scene. Keeping the popularity of SketchUp in mind, Free Google SketchUp Tutorials were offered throughout the year. Google SketchUp had offered all of the support options in the tutorial like video tutorials, tips and tricks, a journal, and an assist touch. To cater to the growing user base, Mansycom Consultants, a Yash Birla Group company, partnered with Google to market and distribute 'Google SketchUp Pro' in India. Learning SketchUp Tutorial , a comprehensive training guide to learn and master this 3d modeling program was released Infinite Skills Inc. in February. Scott Onstott, the author of the course is a design consultant. The course was designed and developed to assist beginners as well as experienced users to maximize the capabilities of the program and included various topics like designing architectural models, mastering surfaces and edges, and covering final publishing, presentation, color control, and importing & exporting procedures. 6 P age edrawings Publisher SketchUp Google was also presented in March. The downloadable free edrawings for Google SketchUp are available for System with Google SketchUp version 5.0 (Free/ Professional) or Google SketchUp version 6.0 (Free/ Professional). New Plugin, Canvas v1.0.6 Beta, was released by Renderiza (Rafael Rivera) in Easy to activate, deactivate and use, this canvas can interactively paint groups and components in a spray type manner. A special modeling party in Eindhoven was organized by the SketchUp Pro Super Modelers in May. Sponsored by Design8 the event was ideal for amateur as well as experienced users as there were crash course SketchUp for beginners and a special modeling event for the more experienced SketchUp user. Elaborate explanation of the various tools of SketchUp and tips & tricks to speed up modeling process were provided by highly experienced SketchUp users. Design8 was present with 3D Printer to show how to make a tangible plastic object from a 3D SketchUp model. 3D building modeling for Google Earth was also discussed in the workshop to enhance the knowledge of experienced SketchUp users. Improved LumenRT 4.1 Studio, which added extended capabilities for large MicroStation models and Revit export was also introduced in this month. The new LumenRT 4.1 Studio included improved Revit export with more complete textures, better Mac performance, enhanced support for exporting larger Bentley MicroStation models, new animated water materials like ocean, sea, lake, pond and various other features. The month of May, 2013 also witnessed the release of the new SketchUp plugin by SketchUcation. Through SketchUcation plugin store, it is easier to find, download, install and manage plugins which are difficult to find. The much awaited version of 3D modeling platform, SketchUp 2013 was introduced by Trimble. This version features an Extension Warehouse for add-on tools. This release included varied improvements in SketchUp Pro's 2D documentation capabilities, including enhanced vector drawing tools, faster rendering and zooming, and customizable hatching styles. These updates made SketchUp Pro powerful, precise and customizable for detailing, dimensioning and organizing models in professional documents. 7 P age In July, Sefaira Concept released new plugin compatible with sketchup This made uploading SketchUp 2013 flies directly to Concept and use of the Sefaira SketchUp Plugin with SketchUp 2013 easy. The Sefaira Concept SketchUp Plugin helps create Concept-ready SketchUp models quickly and allows visualizing how Concept will interpret the model etc. From 22nd to 26th July, Blue Marble Geographics (bluemarblegeo.com) presented a conference on the COAST Tool at the 2013 MAPPS Summer Conference. Blue Marble's geospatial data manipulation, visualization and conversion solutions are used worldwide by thousands of GIS analysts at software, civil engineering, oil and gas, mining, technology companies, surveying, as well as governmental and university organizations. In August, Abvent introduced us to Artlantis 5 with new features which is claimed to be the latest version of the fastest, stand-alone 3D and photo-realistic rendering application created especially for designers and architects. The application includes various innovative features like a completely redesigned interface; a new Artlantis Media catalog and InApp store; and a free ivisit 3D option for panoramas and VR objects. Artlantis 5 also optimizes the display of the project and provides a larger preview size. In the same month, RaySupreme v1.1 was released for 3D modeling and rendering. It is an enhanced version of BrainDistrict's 3D software which includes new technology (text-to-3d) to enable users to create 3D objects and scenes by typing texts in the keyboards. The new version of the software includes up to 10 new modeling tools, viewport background references, true point and spot lights etc and is available for Mac OS X, Windows 7/8 and Linux. SketchUp author Bonnie Roskes introduced a comprehensive guidebook for teaching in 3D, SketchUp 2013 Hands-On: Student Coursebook. The book covers all the tools and features of SketchUp with illustrations and step-by-step instructions. The book also provides an add-on guide to 35 popular SketchUp extensions. E-on Software, creators of the leading solutions for Digital Nature, unveiled Plant Factory in the same month. Plant Factory has a unique technology for creating and rendering top quality 3D plants and is developed for the CG, SFX, Architecture and Gaming communities. It offers customized solutions to the users and is competent to create any kind of vegetation with high end detailing and animate all plant aspects by using precise wind and breeze algorithms, render stills and animations for compositing jobs as well as for billboards, generate procedural geometry and materials of unlimited detail etc. 8 P age In October, final releases of LightWave 11.6 software for 3D modeling, capturing, retargeting, animation, and rendering and NevronMotion plug-in were made available. NevronMotion plug-in uses the Microsoft Kinect camera to capture motion in real time for retargeting to 3D or live-performance characters. With continuous and consistent up-gradations and newer versions, SketchUp has turned into the most reliable 3D program for designers, engineers, architects and others as it is widely used in varied domains. In this year, 2014, we anticipate receiving even advanced programs for simplified and efficient application of the software. 9 P age Tips for Fast and Simplified SketchUp Usage SketchUp is one of the most widely accepted software for creating a 3D model. Being a free 3D for everyone the trend to use it is growing day by day. This simple yet powerful tool has changed the entire outlook of 3D modeling as it helps in creating smarter designs faster. Here we present some pro tips and tricks that speeds up and simplifies the usage of this user friendly software even more. These guidelines enhance the SketchUp workflow for fresher s and experienced user equally and help them get a better grasp of the software. Knowing SketchUp: It is very crucial to know this 3D modeling tool thoroughly to use the program to its full potentiality. It is always advisable for a new user to keep the Instructor panel (an improved form of the software manual) nearby to be on the right track. The Instructor panel includes all the information required to know about the selected tool. A looping animation comes with short descriptions, operation specifics etc, that showcase how to use it. Using Shortcuts: SketchUp comes with a predefined set of shortcuts that helps in fast workflow, making the user interface clean as well as permitting more screen space for you to model, besides, you can also customize these shortcuts as per your requirement. These shortcuts enhance the productivity and convenience of the user as this helps in skipping the toolbars and menus. It is advisable to keep toolbars like Layers, Face Styles, Shadows, Sections and Walkthrough visible. Other toolbars can be made visible as and when required by using shortcuts. Following Guidelines: Guidelines are vital for creating quick and accurate models. The Guidelines in SketchUp are very flexible, multi-directional and reusable. Guidelines can be used to check measurements, lay out different grids, assist with snapping or follow a slope, a line, etc. The Inference Engine: The infere
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