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DQCIDD: 86_36 rented for Release 13 NBA FCIIA Llee 05131] . - .REQLI1SIT.1ON UMBER COMMERCIAL ITEMS 1 1 OFFEROR ro COMPLETE BLOCKS 12, 17, 23, 24, 3. 3o 000040
DQCIDD: 86_36 rented for Release 13 NBA FCIIA Llee 05131] . - .REQLI1SIT.1ON UMBER COMMERCIAL ITEMS 1 1 OFFEROR ro COMPLETE BLOCKS 12, 17, 23, 24, 3. 3o 000040430000 0?00 0015 2. CONTRACT NO. 3. AWARDIEFFECTIVE DATE 4. ORDER NUMBER 5. SOLICITATION NUMBER 6. SOLICITATION ISSUE H98230-10-P-4928 2010 AUG 10 DATE 7 FOR SOLICITATION 3. NAME b. TELEPHONE collect calls) 6. OFCFER DUE - LO AL TIME INFORMATION CALL: 9- ?$3050 3* CODE 10. THIS ACQUISITION IS A H98230 UNRESTRICTED El SET ASIDE: FOR 810?: Maryland Procurement 0 Ice SMALL BUSWESS EMERGING A 9800 Savage Road (SAB3) HUBZONE SMALL SMALL BUSINESS Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-6652 NAICS: SERVICE DISAELED VETERAN Phone: 443-654-1052 SIZE STANDARD: OWNED SMALL BUSINESS . 13b. RATING new DPASIISCFR 700) 14. METHOD OF SOLICITATION RFD IFB RFP 15. DELIVER TO I come H98230 15. ADNIINISTERED BY Attn: Transportation Office: I Maryland Procurement Office 1472 Dorsey Road Receiving Doors 1. 2 Or 3 P0000-1 301 033'7353 Hanover. MD 21076-1429 17 I 58839 I FACILITY I - 3 OFFEROR CODE 3095 183. PAYMENT WILL BE MADE BY cogs Hggzao Attn: Caivin Boyd I DDNS: 050704730 Finance and Accounting Of?ce ?ggtg P.o. Box 11535 GOVERNMENT SALES 207550000 1 In?nite Loop Cupertino, CA 9501::-2084 TELEPHONE No: Isa. SUBMIT INVOICES TO ADDRESS SHOWN IN BLOCK 18a UNLESS aLocI< BELOW 170. CHECK IF REMITTANCE IS DIFFERENT AND PDT SUCH ADDRESS IN OFFER I5 355 ADDENDUM 19. 20. 21. 22, 23. 24, ITEM No, SCHEDULE OF SUPPLIESISERVICES QUANTITY um; UNIT PRICE AMOUNT SHIPMENTS WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED ON WEEKDAYS (EXCLUDING HOLIDAY 5} BETWEEN ":30 AM AND 2130 P.M. NOTE: FULI TRAILER LOADS WILL BE ACCEPTED BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. 21 HOURS ADVANCE DTICE IS REQUIRED. PHONE (301? 688-7353 FOR AN APPOINTMENT. CONTRACTOR SHALL NOT DELIVER MATERIAL SPECIFIED IN THIS ORDER TO ANY OTHER THAN THAT LISTED IN 8 -OCK-15 WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN APPROVAL OF THE CONTRACTING OFFICE R. FAILL RE TO DELIVER TO THE SPECIFIED ADDRESS WILL RESULT IN SUBSTANTIAL DELAYS IN PAYMENT OF YOUR INVOICE. (Use Reverse and/or A?ach Additional Sheets as Necessary) 25. ACCOUNTING A ID APPROPRIATION DATA 25. TOTAL AWARD Govt. Use Oniy) 9700400 11SF SKO 8264 803121 000000 55922 631210 66271010 - 5 5,999.00 27a. SOLICITATION INCORPORATES BY REFERENCE FAR 52.212-1. 52.2124, FAR 52212-3 AND 52.212-5 ARE ATTACHED. AODENDA ARE ARE NOT ATTACHED, 27b. CONTRACTIPURCI-IASE ORDER INCORPORATES av REFERENCE FAR 52.212-4. FAR 52.212-5 IS ATTACHED. ADDENDA ARE ARE NOT ATTACHED. 2:3. CONTRACTOR IS REQUIRED To SIGN THIS DOCUMENT AND RETURN COPIES 29. AWARD OF CONTRACT: REFERENCE OFFER To ISSUING OFFICE. CONTRACTOR AGREES To FURNISH AND DELIVER ALL ITEMS SET DATED . . YOUR OFFER ON SOLICITATION FORTH OR OTHERWISE IDENTIFIED ABOVE AND ON ANY ADDITIONAL SHEETS SUBJECT (Black 5). my OR CHANGES WHICH ARE SET TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SPECIFIED HEREIN. Foam I5 Accepreo As To 30a. SIGNATURE OF OFFERORJCONTRACTOR 31a. STATES OF AMERICA (SIGNATURE OFOONTRAOTING OFFICER) i' - I NAME AND TITLE OF SIGNER (TYPE OR PRINT) sou. DATESIGNED 311:. NAME OF CONTRACTING OFFICER (TYPE OR PRINT) ;a1c. DATE SIGNED Ijl AUTI-IORIZEDIFOR LOCAL REPRODUCTION . I FORM 1449 (RBI-312005) PREVIOUS-EDITION IS NOT DSAEILE - Prescribed by GSA-FAR (48 CFRI 53.212 86-36 JZZIGCIDI 3960911 3 or nocumzm BEING CONTINLEED PAGE or CON 1 INUATION SHEET vH98230_1 2 15 or orrmox on APPLE mc um'1' 0001 - Apple imione 4, 1003 10 EA 559900000 $5,990.00 ACR: AA PR 000945430000 ITEM 1: 0001 AA 9700400 11s1= SKO 8264 803121 000000 55922 531210 6071010 1 62100 FSR: 23321 3 PSR: 035720 DS 0000011332001 000940430000 OBLIGATE $5,990 00 NSN 7540-01-152-8067 OPTIONAL FORM 336 (4-86) Spmusorqzd by GSA FAR (48 CFR) 53% 10 pocrn: Page 3 of 15 352.247-9005 PACKAGING, MARKING AND PACKING SLIPS PURCHASE OEDERS (JAN 1997) Packaging shall be in accordance with the contractor's best commercial practice for domestic shipment to ensure.safe arrival at destination. Shipments shall be marked with the entire purchase order number and delivery order number (if applicable) and the POE and phone number (if provided with the order) on the outside of the container. The outside of each container shall.also contain the piece number and total number of pieces shipped ?Box 2 of Information on packing slips shall include the entire purchase order number and delivery order number (if applicable), the Agency Point of Contact (if provided), the "ship to" address from the Purchase order, item descriptions and part numbers matching those in the purchase order, and the correct number of items shipped. Partial shipments will not be accepted unless authorized in the purchase order. The vendor shall also provide a point of Contact and phone number within their company for discussing any discrepancies; (End of Clause} 352.232-9010 CONSTRUCTIVE ACCEPTANCE SUPPLIES (OCT 1993} Due to the nature of supplies being accepted, inspection and testing requirements, shipping and acceptance terms, resources available for acceptance, or other factors relevant to this contract, acceptance of supplies required herein shall be deemed to have occurred constructively on the 7th calendar day after delivery for the purpose of determining the payment due date and computing Government interest payments pursuant to the Prompt Payment clause at 52.232?25. {End of Clause} 352.211~9001 TIME OF DELIVERY (OCT 1993) The supplies called for herein shall be delivered on or before 10 days after date of award document. (End of Clause} 352.211-9005 NOTICE: SPECIAL PROVISION FOR LATE DELIVERY (OCT 1993} If the Contractor fails to make delivery of the items called for herein on or before the contractual delivery date without proof or an excusable delay as defined in the Default provision of this contract, and the Government does not elect to terminate performance in accordance_with the termination provisions of this contract, then the parties shall and in good faith negotiate an extended delivery schedule in exchange for adequate consideration from the Contractor. Should the parties fail to reach agreement on such a modification, the Contracting Officer may unilaterally determine what constitutes a reasonable delivery schedule and the consideration therefore. Failure to agree to such schedule and consideration shall'be a dispute concerning a question of fact within the meaning of the clause of this contract entitled "Disputes". The rights and remedies set forth in this clause shall not be exclusive and are in addition to any other rights and remedies provided by law or under this contract. The primary purpose of this clause is to.clarify existing terms of the Contract. (End of Clause) 352.247-9000 NOTICE: F.O.B. DESTINATION (OCT 1993) Supplies shall be shipped F.O.B. destination with delivery service required to the consignee's receiving dock. (End of Clause) 352.247-9006 SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS DORSEI ROAD (AUG 2003) Supplies shall be shipped to the following: Maryland Procurement Office Dorsey Road warehouse l472 Dorsey Rd., Doors 1, 2 or 3 Hanover, MD 21076 REF: MDA904- or H98230- Attn: Name and Phone Number if included in Section G. If no POC, then insert Receiving Officer" Piece Number and total of pieces shipped "Box 2 of 10") NOTE: Schedule shipments to arrive at destination from 7:00 AM to 2:30 PM Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays. Call 301-688-7353 no less than 2% hours in advance of delivery for full loads, special handling. or if you would like to schedule for a specific time. 3966911 Page 4 of 15 NOTE: Contractor is responsible for ensuring that the above information is included on any drop shipped deliveries. if the contract number begins with MDABO4 or B98230, only the last seven letters/numbers (plus any delivery order number, if applicable) needs to be re?erenced. For example, MDAQOQ or may be shown on the packing slip as and MDASO4 or Delivery Order 0005 may be shown as OX-D- 1001/0005. Contract numbers beginning with other than MDA904 or H98230 shall be included in their entirety. The contract/delivery order number may be hand written on packing slip-if contractor's automated system will not accommodate the entire contract number. . (End of Clause) 352.213-9000 NOTICE: POINT OF CONTACT 1997) The point of contact for this purchase order/contract (End of Clause) 86-36 352.229-9000 NOTICE OF TAXATION (SEP 1994) The Contractor shall provide the Contracting Officer with written notice of any proposed tax assessments, exemptions, exclusions or refunds which would increase or decrease costs or liabilities to the contractor and/or the Government. The notice shall be submitted in sufficient time to provide the Government a meaningful opportunity to assert its immunity, participate in negotiations or litigation with the taxing authority - concerning the applicability oi the tax, and/or adjust the parties? liability for costs according to the increase or decrease in tax. {End of Clause) 352.229-9001 CONTRACTOR LIABILITY FOR STATE AND LOCAL TAXES 1994) Generally, the contractor is liable for payment of state or local taxes on this contract to the same extent that it would be liable for such taxes on a contract with a nongovernment entity. Although it may be useful for the contractor to inform the taxing authorities that the Maryland Procurement Office (MP0) is a federal government agency, this fact alone does not in and of itself create a tax exemption for the contractor. While some transactions undertaken by the contractor pursuant to this contract may be exempt from a state or local tax, it is the Contractor's responsibility to identify such exemption under the applicable statute, and to resolve the applicability oi such with state or local taxing authorities. (End of Clause) 352.232-9008 NOTICE OF PROMTT PAYMENT ACT APPLICABILITI 1993} This contract is subject to the Prompt Payment Act, Public Law 97-177, as amended. (End of Clause) 352.232?9o15 mvorcxuc (JUN 2009) Invoices for deliverables should be submitted through the Electronic Invoicing internet website at unless otherwise authorized. Access to the website requires an External Certificate Authority/Interim External Certi?icate Authority PKI certificate. Information on purchasing an certificate is available on the internet at: Contact the Electronic Commerce office at (410) 854-5445 if you need additional information. Aiter obtaining the certificate, contact the Electronic Commerce office to obtain an account if one does not currently exist. (End of Clause) 352.204-9001 DISCLOSURE or? - CONTRACT (_oc*r 2005) DFARS and this clause shall govern any disclosure of information regarding this contract. In using information authorized by this clause, the contractor shall not disclose any information concerning the sponsorship of this contract, or (ii) the nature of the Government's interest in and application of the subject matter of this contract unless this type of information is expressly allowed to be disclosed by paragraph and/or below, or by I.-rritten approval of the cognizant Contracting Officer. The information listed below may be disclosed in proposals to United States Government Agencies in DOCIO: 3960911 Page 5 - of 15 response to requests for past performance assessments, which shall be used ONLY for the subject source selection process. When the following information is completed at time of contract award, the document shall be marked OFFICAL USE If any of the information that follows changes in your disclosure, the Contracting Officer must be notified in writing of the change. CONTRACT NUMBER: (complete at award) H98230-10-P-4928 CONTRACT TYPE: (complete at award) FFP AWRRD DATE: (complete at award) 06 AUGUST 2010 GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING ACTIVITY: MARYLAND PROCUREMENT OFFICE 9800 SAVAGE ROAD FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, MD 20755?6000 . ORIGINAL CONTRACT VALUE: (complete at award) $5,999.00 CURRENT OR COMPLETED CONTRACT VALUE: (Contractor may update) PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: from: {complete at award) to: (contractor may update) (circle, underline or highlight appropriate description) PROGRAM TITLE: (complete at award) . CONTRACT EFFORT DESCRIPTION: (unclassified as provided in solicitation package and completed as part of the award document) PLACE OF QERFORMAMCE: (complete at award) POINTS or CONTRACTING OFFECER: (complete at award) (contractor may update) PATRICIA A. ORTMAN (443)654-1052 PROGRAM MANAGER: {complete at award) {contractor may update) Requests for approval for specific information to be released into the public domain, not to another U.S. Government agency, shall be submitted in final form, not in draft, and shall not include "For Official Use Only" inrormation. The Contractor shall indicate the intended audience andlor publication venue in the request, e.g. the information is to be released to attendees at the Federal Acquistion Conference and Exposition on 7 June 2005 and in the Government Executive magazine. In the_event that changes are required prior to approval of release of the information, the Contractor shall submit a copy of the revised information prior to approval of request. A For additional disclosures once authorization to use any specific information has been approved by the Contracting Officer, the Contractor is authorized to reuse such specific information without obtaining additional authorization from the Contracting Officer. The contractor shall maintain a log of the additional uses and submit a copy of the log to the Contracting Officer when each disclosure is made. (End of Clause) 352.204~9017 PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY REQUIREMENTS (SEP 2009) Definitions. - Communicable Disease. An infectious disease that is easily spread from person to person by contact with the infectious agent that causes the disease. The causative agent may be present in droplets of liquid created by coughing or sneezing. The droplets may contaminate food or water or they may dry on inanimate objects in the environment, where the causative agent may remain infectious for some period of time- (ii) Public Health Emergency. an occurrence or imminent threat of an illness or health condition, caused by epidemic or pandemic disease, biological warfare or terrorism, or a highly infectious agent or biological toxin, that poses a substantial risk of a significant number of human fatalities or severe disabilities, and is designated a public health emergency by local, state and/or federal public health or?icials or the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or World Health Organization (WHO). Requirements. The Contractor shall comply with all federal, state, local, Department of Defense (DOD), and National Security Agency Central Security Service requirements in the event of a_declared Public Health Emergency. This includes requirements found in Policy Manual 4-19, Health and Safety of the workforce, which establishes procedures designed to control infection-within the workplace and to limit the importation and transmission or any highly communicable disease within the Agency workforce; there?y maintaining operational readiness and minimizing lost duty time. In coordination with Industrial and Acquisition Security, the Contractors shall be notified through the Acquisition Resource Center or through other communication methods, as appropriate, of additional requirements related to a declared Public Health Emergency. {End of Clause) 352.211-9005 NOTICE: ELIMINATION OF USE OF CLASS I-OZONE-DEPLETING SUBSTANCES 1993) Section 326 of the Defense Authorization Act places restrictions on the award and modification of contract is requiring the use of Class l-Ozone~depleting Class ODS are identified in Section 602(a) of the Clean Air Act (42 Section 767l{a) abd Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations Section 82. Appendix A. Dob has identified hundreds of military specifications that require Class I ODS. Of these, MPO research indicates that MIL-STD 454, and MIL Tll268 are of particular applicability to some MPO contracts, although others may also apply. If any of these specifications are included in this acquisition, or if the contractor knows of any other JZIQCIIB: 3969911 Page 6 of 15 Class I ODS required directly or indirectly at any level of contract performance, the contractor should notify the MPO Contracing Officer immediately. A subsequent assessment will be conducted by the Government in an attempt to identify economically feasible subsitute substances or alternative technology. (End of Provision) 352.227?9000 SOFTWRE REQUIREMENT 1996) The Contractor warrants that, to the best of its knowledge and belief, software provided under this contract does not contain any malicious code, program, or other internal component computer virus) which could damage, destroy, or alter software, firmware, or hardware or which could reveal any data or other information accessed through or processed by the software. Further, the Contractor shall immediately inform the Contracting Officer upon reasonable suspicion that any software provided hereunder may cause the harm described above. - (End of Clause) 352.227-QOOI COMMRCIAL COMUTER SOFTWARE - PURCHASE ORDERS (FEB 1996) Pursuant to the requirements of Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 227.7202?l, commercial computer software to be delivered under this purchase order will be acquired under the license customarily provided by the contractor to the public to the extent those licenses are consistent with Federal procurement law. {End of Clause) 352.227-9003 YEAR 2000 COMLIANCE - COMMERCIAL ITEMS (JUL 1999) Definition: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY means any equipment or interconnected system or of equipment, that is used in the automatic acquisition, storage, manipulation, management, movement, control, display, switching, interchange,transmission, or reception of data or information. This is for equipment used by the government directly or is used by a contractor under a contract with the Agency which (1) requires the use of such equipment, or requires the use, to a significant extent, of such equipment in the performance of a service or the furnishing of a product. Information technology includes computers, ancillary equipment, software, firmware and similar procedures, services (including support services), and related resources. It does NOT include any equipment that is acquired by a Federal Contractor incidental to a Federal contract. The Contractor warrants that each information technology product delivered under this contract shall be able to accurately process date/time data (including, but not limited to, calculating, comparing and sequencing) from, into, and between the twentieth and twenty?first centuries, and the years 1999 and 2000 and leap year calculations, to the extent that other information technology: used in combination with the information technology being acquired, properly exchanges date/time data with it. All items developed or delivered under this contract are covered under this clause unless expressly noted otherwise. If the contract or contains a technology refreshment clause, successor products provided thereunder are also covered under this clause unless 4 expressly noted otherwise. If the contract requires that specific listed products must perform as a system in accordance with the foregoing warranty, then that warranty shall apply to those listed products as a system. The duration of this warranty and the remedies available to the Government for breach of this warranty shall be as defined in, and subject to, the terms and limitations of the contractor's standard commercial warranty or warranties contained in this contract, provided that notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in such commercial warranty or warranties, the remedies available to the Government under this warranty shall include repair or replacement of any listed product whose non?compliance is discovered and made known to the contrac
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