2001.04.08 - The Word of God at the feast of the Lord's Entrance into Jerusalem

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„Soon, soon, My secret angels will cast them out from their houses that I called them dens of robbers even from that time. I will cast them out as they did to Me after I told them the parable of the vineyard workers, who killed the Heir in order to take His inheritance, and they had be-come bitter and bitter against Me then and they did so.”
  2001.04.08  1 The Word of God 1   at the feast of the Lord’s Entrance into Jerusalem 2  Let this day be a day of glory, for My word is My glory on the earth. Amen.  With it and by it I was glorified two thousand years ago. I was doing works beyond natural by it, and today I have also worked with you likewise, children by whom I have perfected My word that I have  preached to you. My Father glorified Himself on earth by the word. His voice was speaking of those that are not seen; it was speaking over Me when I was speaking with Him in My pains or from the middle of the glory with which He was glorifying Me before My disciples. ( See the se- lection topic: „The glory of the    Lord”, r.n. ) I enter in the book as word. My book is open for you have been waiting for Me. You know those that are for your peace, for I have taught you to know the time, sons, and to let it be known to Jerusalem, the people that was born by My word of today. The one who is born then he grows, only to be born, only to come to his heavenly birth, so that I may make from the one who is born into a member of Jerusalem. Amen. The birth makes the man to be, but behold, today there are no longer true dwellings in which the man may come and to be born and then to be; to have then nurses in order to take care of him and to feed him and the man to grow and to stay for his growing. The babies born of the  people are caressed and are nursed in many ways; they are nourished, bathed, swaddled, protected and loved and they grow. But those, who want to be born of the heaven and to be, do no longer find houses to be born in and care for growing. I came after the man two thousand years ago to take him in Me and then to give him a new birth and to have him again as Mine, and I worked into the open sky and I became a nurse for those who let themselves be born again. However, Jerusalem of that time did not know those things for its visitation, to its peace, and it did not know the time of its birth from above, the same as the church of today does not know and it does not believe and does not understand the miracle of My word, which flows like a river over the earth from this garden in which I dwell with My word for the new birth of the man from it. ( See the selection topic: „ This word is the river of life”, r.n. ) I want to make grow a new vine, for the vine, which is, yielded sour grapes; however, I will throw down its fence, for it is written: «The people is in slavery and does not perceive any-thing. Those who are great and those who are small perish from hunger and wither with thirst, and the Sheol has opened its mouth wide, beyond measure; there the greatness of the Sheol with its roar and cheerfulness will go down».   However, I need to have a vine and to rejoice over it and to take care of it, and it to give forth to grapes for My table so that I may be able to turn them into wine for My table. Amen. This is what I want to do, for behold, those who want to be born from heaven and to be, do not find any house; they do not find any care and growth, for they do not find the way. I want to turn My word of today into a shining and beneficent sun to give light and warm up the whole earth. Let My word of these days be the rain which makes the new vine grow, and let a new birth come up from it, a new man, taken care by the angels, so that the man may grow and to be. I wanted the spring of My today’s word  to be for the peace of the earth, but the earth is full of drought, and these will be gathered together by the angels as the man cleans the brushwood 1   God’s Word in „ Holy Citadel New Jerusalem ”  monastery, Glodeni  –   Romania, redactor note. 2  Translated by I.A., r.n.  2001.04.08  2 from his garden in the spring, and these will be thrown into the fire, for the earth to be clean and then to be ready for sowing. And I will start to make the man, for he is not inclined for its making. He is too old in the evil things and does not want to let himself be renewed, and I have come with My work to the renewal of the world, to the new birth of the world, to a new heaven and a new earth. I am the eternal King and My kingdom has a new heaven and a new earth in it; a new man and a new people, cleansed by My sacrifice and by My resurrection. The heaven is full of sighing after the new birth of the world, after the renewal of the earth, which needs cleansing and working. And as for you, people of birth from above, you are My new vine and I will graft you and make everything new for Me, with My word upon you. This is My good news over which all the angels and the saints in heaven above and on the earth below rejoice, for everything that is in heaven has been waiting for the renewal; everything has been waiting for the fulfillment of the promise of the new heaven and new earth. Amen. Jerusalem, you should be small and you shall always be new. You should be My Palm Sunday in which to be glorified with a feast of heavenly Zion on earth. You should stay for My welcome, for this is your work, and you shall receive Me as your King, New Israel. Oh, what Israel of old had done to Me! It was afraid not to lose its glory in which I estab-lished it in the midst of the nations of the earth, but it was not worthy of its glory from Me. And  because it was not worthy, it was afraid of Me. If it had been used to the spirit of humility, Israel would have been glorified. However, because it was unworthy for glory, it tried to be glorified through the spirit of haughtiness and it had become great and it lost its glory by getting high against Me, for this is what I said: «The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified, and now is the judgment of this world, and its prince will be cast out». And it was so, because after My crucifixion that the rulers of the world put Me to, I was resurrected and they incurred an eternal disgrace because they lo ved human greatness more than God’s greatness. They glorified them- selves before the nations, and they put Me down and tried to hide Me by the death they put Me to. They did not love My greatness and the one who does so remains in the darkness as the people of Israel has remained from then and until today. It was only I Who has been taking care not to destroy the fulfillment of My promises, and I have put aside a remnant beforehand, chosen by grace, so that it may be someone to judge Israel, from its midst. ( See the selection topic: „ The Judgment  3 ”, r.n. )   Oh, there is no way to make Me room on earth with My greatness, for the human greatness of the man, who calls himself master over My vine, is a greatness which does not deserve to be, and the man is afraid of the justice from above and he fights against it for his great position, as the rulers of the world did when I, in a humble way, came down from heaven among them to bring them light, only if they would love it and walk in it. Behold, today is as then, and those who think that are the rulers of the world, have rebuked you to be silent with My word. However, all that are have been with you, and I have 3  You can also see on: http://en.calameo.com/books/0010754688028c06584d1 http://issuu.com/billydean.en/docs/the_judgment.docx http://www.docstoc.com/docs/168697782/The-sec-ond-coming-of-Jesus-Christ---The-Judgment http://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-lord-jesus-the-second-coming-of-jesus-christ-the-judgment/ https://app.box.com/s/hj1mrtqgsg8ac0vbfz2o http://www.scribd.com/doc/215324259/The-second-coming-of-Jesus-Christ-The-Judgment   2001.04.08  3 strengthen you by grace and I have clothed you within it, and by My work with you, the prince of the today’s world has been judged again and cast out. Amen.  But I cry bitterly for the old Jerusalem and for those of today who rule the world by the today’s world, for those that ar  e for their peace are hidden from their eyes because of their tres- passes. Soon, soon, My secret angels will cast them out from their houses that I called them dens of robbers even from that time.  I will cast them out as they did to Me after I told them the  parable of the vineyard workers, who killed the Heir in order to take His inheritance, and they had  become bitter and bitter against Me then and they did so. And because I prophesied to them that «the master of the vineyard will come again and will destroy the workers of the vineyard and He will give the vineyard to others»,   it was so, for My grace worked through My disciples and the good news of the kingdom of the heavens has renewed the vineyard and put it aside for those who were clean, until today, for since then and until today, the scribes and the Pharisees have wanted to deceive the multitudes by their human glory, so that they may not seek for My glory. How shall these understand that humility is the glory and not the human greatness? How shall they no longer feel their blindness if they flee the light, if they do not try to wash and give up the emptiness and its sins? And behold the Scripture that says: «The hell has opened its mouth wide beyond meas-ure, so that the greatness of Zion and its roar and cheerfulness to go down in it». If I had not come with this new word to call out those great and small from death to life and if I had not made come down this river of life giving, so that the living and the dead to be washed in it, they would have had justification in their ways. But now, this word stands face to face with them and it casts them out as it is written: «The ruler of this world will be cast out». Amen. And as for those who are alive by My life in them, they will inherit with Me forever, for they have loved Me when the world has hated Me and they have received Me when all have cast Me out, and they have brought Me to life when all have crucified Me by their human greatness against God’s greatness, which they have not loved, and God’s greatnes s is the humility with which I have built Myself in man, the house of humility, in the heart full of love for Me and for My greatness in it. Amen. As for you, New Jerusalem, My inheritance, you should be My Palm Sunday, My donkey ( See the selection topic: „The white apocalyptic horse”, r.n. ) on which I have been riding from margins to margins with the word of the good annunciation of My coming and of God’s greatness on the earth. This is what you should be, New Jerusalem. People of disciples of My coming, this is what you should be. You should be the Palm Sunday of the end of the man’s time, and you should sing, son, and say: «The Lord is coming! The Lord is blessed in His coming, in His glory  from above and from below, in those from above and those from below, up in heaven and down on earth!». Oh, My people, the Lord is coming, the King of Zion that is to come, your King and your Master, Jerusalem, My New Zion, My glory and My greatness, New Jerusalem and dear to Me and with which I build your everlastingness for Me, Jerusalem, My Palm Sunday. Amen, amen, amen. ( See the selection topic:   „  Romania  –   The New Jerusalem  –   The New Canaan 4 ”, r.n. ) 4  You can also see on: http://en.calameo.com/books/00107546871bb255a5bf3 http://www.slideshare.net/billydeanen/the-word-of-god-about-romania-the-new-jerusalem-the-new-canaan https://app.box.com/s/dh220ol8y5b8y8i9qsu0fe3cqj5dv7cx http://bit.ly/1npq4Un https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0VNo1LgWPpsb3RKZngyVVlJSWs&authuser=0 https://docs.zoho.com/file/zjjav8e6a0a51a12449e49a03afe2628aa55e http://pdfsr.com/pdf/romania-the-new-jerusalem-the-new-canaan https://mega.co.nz/#!UM12EQ6J!GiNWdxjMBSc9o2UdekofzGP6Gsz8lOHoZjIlDTcXm2E  2001.04.08  4 08-04-2001 Text emphasis in bold  belong to the redactor (editor). You can see more documents containing the Word of God here: The second coming of Jesus Christ: http://www.slideshare.net/billydeanen/documents https://doc.co/vHZWC7 http://en.calameo.com/publish/books/?sbid=3788320 https://jumpshare.com/b/hHnCbzDDOBOOtiHYyby1 https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0VNo1LgWPpsWGtlQmpLYjlhaUE&usp=sha-ring#list   http://bit.ly/1BjwlEv https://docs.zoho.com/folder/1d772a510906d76ad4c7bad56df74eb7b3ca4 https://app.box.com/s/p299ufueemmq3weq9hw7 https://www.mediafire.com/folder/z2nuhu1eblyzo/The_second_coming_of_Jesus_Christ https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j08esaqchf2ox6u/AAAo6y5n3rJJYi1wjy6ZirE9a http://pdfcast.org/profile/billydean.en http://1driveapp.thinkfree.com/os/qshare/d/7f753ea0e37045999c69778957364858/9912af81 http://issuu.com/billydean.en/stacks/f7d5cd1d068a400197558d5f28eb743b http://www.scribd.com/collections/4089711/The-second-coming-of-Jesus-Christ https://mega.co.nz/#F!0I9BmR4Q!LuvjAa2tlXZXTW54hq0nOA The word of God in Romania: http://www.slideshare.net/billydeanen/documents https://doc.co/NsgEqL https://jumpshare.com/b/dfnMGSxF0LN5V8T0zBmv http://www.flipsnack.com/TheWordofGodinRomania/ http://en.calameo.com/publish/books/?sbid=3414271 http://issuu.com/billydean.en/stacks/b5fedcecd0d146e799aa79ad26a5d82c https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0VNo1LgWPpsNklEUnJSek8xdFk&usp=sharing#list http://www.edocr.com/user/193767/docs?sort=desc&order=Title http://bit.ly/VpRZpL https://docs.zoho.com/folder/1d772812c67a3ea944bc780c65aedba992a97 https://app.box.com/s/aaxs5e9s61shgth5dspd http://www.bookrix.com/-billydean.en/books.html# https://www.mediafire.com/folder/wq5dg275g722d/The_word_of_God_in_Romania https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b2bg7zj8j04hjip/AACl78_l81aQQbv5u9x-TCcja http://pdfcast.org/profile/billydean.en http://1driveapp.thinkfree.com/os/qshare/d/f3d2a4bbf4044c889506782b91c151e7/7c322466  http://www.flipsnack.com/TheWordofGodinRomania/the-word-of-god-about-romania-the-new-jerusalem-the-new-cana.html https://www.scribd.com/doc/121019618/The-Word-of-God-about-Romania-The-New-Jerusalem-The-New-Canaan http://www.mediafire.com/view/ea7ve523mo1didb/The_Word_of_God_about_Romania_-_The_New_Jeru-salem_-_The_New_Canaan.pdf http://issuu.com/billydean.en/docs/romania_-_the_new_jerusalem_-_the_n http://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-lord-jesus-the-second-coming-of-jesus-christ-romania-the-new-jerusalem-the-new-canaan/ 
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