Convey To Bear Synonyms & Antonyms

Convey To Bear Synonyms & Antonyms

You say you could’t stand them or cannot bear them. This disaster was greater than a few of them could bear. If you bear a difficult scenario, you settle for it and are capable of take care of it. If you possibly can’t bear something or somebody, you dislike them very much.

The view bears comparison with the loveliest sights. That comment bears no relation to the matter at hand. The guns have been dropped at bear upon the approaching fleet. The street bears to the right on the bottom of the hill. They studied how the relativity theory bears on the historical past of science. DisclaimerAll content on this web site, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference knowledge is for informational purposes only.

Other Words For Bring To Bear

Nevertheless, any influence that may be dropped at bear would help. Hopefully, it will increasingly be delivered to bear in humanitarian emergencies and in building resilience to avoid future calamities. This same coordinated strategy should be brought to bear in the growth of demobilization programmes for ex-combatants. The measures contained in Security Council resolution 1612 must be delivered to bear in preventing such crimes. The political and ethical authority of the United Nations ought to be brought to bear.

brought to bear

The voices of migrants should be dropped at bear on major coverage selections. Mechanisms to research the gravest violations and bring the perpetrators to justice should be delivered to bear. International strain have to be dropped at bear to relaunch critical negotiations on that basis. Progress outcomes from a considerable body of information and expertise which can be delivered to bear on any given incident. Similar pressure should be dropped at bear to compel Nigeria to give up Taylor to the Special Court in Sierra Leone. Existing governance institutions should be brought to bear on Internet regulation wherever possible.

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Boys are inspired to be tough and bear ache, to prove they’re a man. Any of assorted different animals, such as the koala, that resemble a true bear. If you really bear down, you’ll finish the task. couldn’t bear his mendacity; can’t bear to see them depart. It is the dramatic impulse of childhood endeavouring to bring life into the dulness of the intense hours. Many British Ferns evidence a marked tendency to “sport,” and it is a reality which the beginner ought to always keep in mind.

With a heart of goodwill, I will assume the writer used the phrase within the intransitive sense and can be a part of him in hoping that Ms. Palin’s experience might be put to good use. I keep, however, that each one writing should be exact and unambiguous and I deliver to bear William Safire’s exhortation that writing should at all times please the ear. This could also be done by taking the humming tone and bringing to bear upon it a strong pressure of energy. I introduced the gun to bear on the intruder and was able to scare him off.

They are not chosen or validated by us and can contain inappropriate phrases or concepts. Please report examples to be edited or not to be displayed. Rude or colloquial translations are normally marked in pink or orange. There is trigger for alarm when they convey one hundred and ten ships into these seas without any technique of resistance on our half.

Our political will and that of the worldwide community and international organizations have to be delivered to bear on it. It could be delivered to bear on a given situation at any stage in the continuum of aid, recovery and development. However, the past kind and -ed participle are rarely used.

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