Coretec Pro Plus

Coretec Pro Plus

It even has an electronic compass that works pretty well. The menu’s are intuitive and really easy to use. Dual Algorithm allows you to choose the algorithm and its conservatism. The ProPlus X additionally has an amazingly shiny, low-power consumption, Thin-Film Transistor show.

The coronary heart of the ProPlus X is an amazingly shiny, low power consump-tion, Thin-Film Transistor display. Divers may have no drawback seeing dive data in shiny surface conditions or decreasing the depth for evening dives. Since the pc is linked through a hose to the 1st Stage, it measures your beginning gasoline, consumed gas, ending gasoline and calculates fuel time remaining in minutes. Some of this info is displayed on the dive laptop and some is saved when importing to the DiverLog app.

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Divers will have no downside seeing dive data in brilliant sunlit floor situations or at 130 ft down. I’ve used this laptop for about 10 dives and I’m completely awed by its performance. Being new to diving I wished prime of the road tools as I was a professional skydiver with over 2000 dives before I began SCUBA diving. This laptop is , in my opinion, top of the line. You can never have something extra correct on this sport than an ideal pc to get you thru your dives.

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